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Opening Night

NEW: Shocking State Of The Industry Update

How To Protect Yourself (And Profit!) From The Coming IT Services Industry Trends, Tribulations And Turmoil

FAR too many MSPs and IT services businesses are lagging behind in their service offering, their business model and their services, sticking with what is known and comfortable, not only making them unprepared and ill positioned to take advantage of the crazy demand for certain services, but also vulnerable to losing clients to aggressive competitors who ARE prepared for where the market demand is heading. You don’t want to get caught behind these trends!

The decisions you make in the next 12 months will be CRITICAL for your IT services business. Will you be brilliantly prepared, or caught off guard, flat footed and unable to catch up? The time to prepare is NOW. Here are just a few things you’ll discover…

  • The services you MUST be offering within the next 12 months or risk losing even your most loyal clients to your competition. (Hint: Your clients are going to be required by law to buy these services – if you’re not offering them, they will be forced to go to your competitors who are.)
  • Profit-doubling services that are ultra sticky, ultra profitable and in HIGH demand. You want to lead with these when marketing for new clients so you can take business away from your slow-to-adopt competitors who are asleep at the switch.
  • Hidden and growing dangers every MSP and IT services firm must be diligent about or risk closing their doors and going into financial ruin.
  • What SUPER MSPs are doing right now to steal every single GOOD client you have (leaving you with the duds, leftovers and cheapskates) and how to prevent that from happening.
Featured Speaker: Robin Robins,
CEO And Founder Of TMT

The Sharks Are Coming To Robin's Big Seminar!

This Year’s Better-Your-Best Contest Will Be Judged By The Sharks

Better Your Best

Million-Dollar Marketing Blueprints For MSPs

See 5 Of Our Most Successful, Fastest-Growing Clients Reveal The Marketing And Sales-Generating Campaigns They’ve Implemented In Our “Better Your Best” Session

Year after year, this is THE session that has attendees most excited to watch. As an attendee, you’ll get to see 5 of our most successful, fastest-growing and most profitable clients GIVE YOU, in great detail, the single most effective marketing, sales and client-getting campaigns they’ve implemented to date in their business – and YOU get to take these campaigns home to use in YOUR business.

Don’t overlook that these presentations will be delivered by real CEOs of IT services firms who know what it’s like to run and grow an IT services company and deal with the never-ending challenges, overwhelm, problems and setbacks you face every day. THIS ALONE IS WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION!

Imagine coming home with a dozen or more PROVEN campaigns that have already been field-tested and designed to deliver; that’s EXACTLY what you’ll get from this session alone. Instead of spending countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure out what’s working, you can get it all served up on a silver platter, ready to use the MINUTE you get back to the office. AND you’ll take home copies of all the campaigns, pricing strategies, essays and materials they submit as exhibits, which you can instantly apply to fuel your company’s growth.

New Boot Camp Speaker

How To Overcome Adversity and Dream Big!

Special Session With Best Selling Author Of "Life Without Limbs"

Nick Vujicic

Few speakers have a better claim to be regarded as inspirational than Nicholas Vujicic. Born without arms or legs, he has overcome his disability in the most astonishing ways, setting a true example of inspiring success to any who have ever doubted their ability to achieve their goals.

During his childhood in Melbourne, Australia, Nick had to cope with feelings of loneliness and depression as he questioned what purpose a limbless individual could have in life. He experimented with electronic arms in the hope of becoming more like his peers, but they became more of a hindrance than help. Forging his own path, Nick found ways to accomplish tasks many of us take for granted, such as typing, swimming, even just cleaning our teeth, in the most inventive manner.

As a speaker, Nick encourages his audiences to dream big. He uses his own story to demonstrate that obstacles need not be problems but can be growth opportunities. In his life, he has shown that persistence and embracing the lessons of failure can enable you to achieve almost anything. With his humor, faith and a deep and sincere empathy with other human beings, Nick Vujicic has truly earned the title of being one of the most inspirational and motivational speakers in the world today.

NEW And REVISED Trust-Based Marketing:

How To Effortlessly Attract And Close More High-Value Clients Using Trust-Based Marketing

If you want a seemingly “unfair” advantage in business that will make EVERYTHING pertaining to marketing and selling infinitely EASIER – dare I say even effortless – then you need to implement the strategies, tools and tactics you’ll be given during this brand-new “seminar in a seminar” session with Robin Robins.

Most MSPs grossly overlook, ignore and fail to accomplish the single most important element of getting a prospect to buy the services and solutions they are selling: TRUST.

In industries where tangible goods are sold via transactional interactions with the customer, trust is not as critical to making the sale. However, when you are trying to unseat an incumbent MSP and get a client to buy an intangible service that cannot be seen, measured or tested for quality, and that has serious consequences if the WRONG choice is made, building trust is of CRITICAL importance.

TRUST is now the supreme competitive advantage for any IT services business. If you are more trusted than your competition, you’ll easily secure all the premium clients for yourself, even if your competition is cheaper, bigger or more well-funded. There is NO BETTER advantage you can have – but trust must be strategically manufactured. You don’t automatically get trust from the marketplace by simply doing the right thing and providing value. That’s EXPECTED. Many MSPs do this and are infinitely frustrated because they are NOT rewarded for their good behavior by the marketplace with a flood of higher-paying clients. That’s because trust must be intentionally designed into your sales process and marketing.

During this “miniseries” deep dive at Boot Camp, you’ll get a Trust-Based Sales And Marketing Blueprint, complete with checklists, scripts, examples, templates and tools you can instantly implement. You’ll discover:

  • Subtle but HYPERCRITICAL ways MSPs DESTROY trust before a prospect even meets with them. I can practically guarantee you’re violating at least one (if not all) of these trust-killing behaviors that, if stopped or remedied, would unlock a new flow of prospects, opportunities and clients.

  • Simple and EASY changes to your sales process that will INSTANTLY differentiate you from your competition and build trust so that fee resistance disappears and you get to sell without discounting, gimmicks or having to do a lot of “convincing.” NONE of these will cost you a dime, but they will double or triple your close rate.

  • Specific marketing tools that will not only develop trust but DEEP RESPECT for you, your abilities and your organization. Don’t underestimate how important this is in the sales process. When a prospect sees you as a trusted authority and RESPECTS your opinion, they won’t abuse you with stalls, delays, hidden agendas or haggles over your fees.
Robin Robins,
CEO And Founder Of TMT

Special Half Day Deep Dive On M&A

What All MSPs Need To Know Now About Mergers, Acquisitions And Getting Their Own MSP Ready For Sale

All MSP owners will, at some point, need to exit their business. If you’re smart, you’ll have it on YOUR terms, fully prepared to get the maximum payout possible to achieve true financial freedom. Unfortunately, the vast majority of MSPs end up struggling until the very end where they are forced to either sell or merge for a pittance, nothing to show for their YEARS of hard work. DON’T make that mistake!

On the flipside, ambitious MSPs (even the smaller to mid-sized ones) are securing BIG leaps in MRR and profits by buying smaller competitors. Often these companies are in trouble, or the owner has run out of steam to operate it. These can be extremely advantageous IF you know what to buy…and what to avoid like the plague.

During this special half day deep dive, we’ll give you critical trends and information you need to know about not only getting your business ready for sale, but also what you need to do, understand and plan on if buying or merging with another MSP. We’ll cover how MSPs are getting valued right now, what makes one MSP worth more than another, key disciplines you need to implement NOW to prepare for your exit and how to attract a strategic buyer so you’re second “bite of the apple” is bigger than the first.

Tom Andrulis

CEO - Intelligent Technical Solutions

M&A Breakfast Experience - You Asked, We Listened - Answers To The Biggest Questions And Fears Holding You Back From M&A

Remember the very first time you installed Exchange on-premise? Remember the chaos and problems? Remember the joy and satisfaction when it was finally up and running? Going in, you probably had a lot of questions and fears, but you made it happen anyway.

Today, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) bring up new questions and fears, and as a result, many people hold back from moving forward with the next chapter in the lifecycle of their MSP. To help clear the path, Robin’s team worked with Producer’s Club Captains to identify the biggest questions and fears surrounding M&A, so if you own an MSP, you’ll want to join us for a no-bulls**t breakfast on Friday, 4/14.

Tom Andrulis, CEO of Intelligent Technical Solutions, and winner of Robin’s Better-Your-Best 2014, will deep-dive into answering questions and dispelling fears. Having experienced both sides of the table as Buyer and Seller across 14 transactions since 2016, Tom has experienced the highs and lows and challenges which come with an M&A transaction. So, whether you’re on the fence about buying a competitor or looking to accelerate your own retirement, join Tom as he shares his experience so you too can confidently approach and break down the fears and concerns holding you back from business success and growth through M&A.

CEO Track

Mike Stodola

Chief Marketing Officer,
Technology Marketing Toolkit

Will Nobles

CEO, Vector Choice
Technology Solutions

MC Tracy

Marketing Manager,
Technology Marketing Toolkit

Tonya Gentry

Chief Sales Officer,
Big Red Media

Rusty Goodwin

Executive Director of The Mid-State Group

Jon DePerro

Chief Compliance Officer, Vector Choice Technology Solutions

Jeff Farr

Head Client Coach, Technology Marketing Tooklit

Paul Cissel

TMT Expert In Residence, Growth & Acquisition

10 Money Metrics That’ll Turn Your MSP Into A Profitable, Money-Making Machine

Discover the top KPIs successful MSPs use to increase their profitability so that they can scale quickly.  Get the best-in-class metrics so you can see where your MSP stands and identify the lowest-hanging fruit.

How To Create A Highly Profitable Exit Strategy And Why Starting Now Will Get You The Most Money Later

As the saying goes, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago or today.  The same is true with building your MSP to sell.  The last thing you want to do is wait until you’re trying to exit to get your numbers in line. 

In this session you’ll learn how to position your MSP to make the most money possible when you’re ready to cash out and the steps you need to take today to get there.

What Every MSP Must Know About Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) And Why NOT Offering It Is Like Handing Clients To Your Competition

Right now, you are sitting on an absolute goldmine of opportunity in offering CaaS. Problem is, most MSPs don’t really know what “compliance-as-a-service” really is, what the deliverables are, how to build the service offering or what to charge.

We will map out the business model of CaaS, revealing how to uncover a highly profitable revenue stream while helping your clients and protecting them from undue risk.

Partner With Insurance Agents To Get A FLOOD Of Quality New Clients (This Can Be Your Biggest Marketing Opportunity Right Now!)

See how to tap into Robin’s favorite client acquisition model, JV partnerships.  In this session, you’ll see why insurance agents are the perfect partner to get high-profit clients fast.   

Rusty will explain in simple terms why changes in insurance could be your greatest enemy or your biggest opportunity.  You’ll get the blueprint for building successful partnership programs that’ll generate new leads, appointments and, most importantly, clients.

How We Booked 47 First-Time Appointments In 90 Days Using An All-Star Team Of Interns

In this session you’ll see how MC “The Intern Girl” Tracy went from being an intern, to being a marketing manager of an $8 million MSP directly responsible for hiring 12 other interns who outperformed their BEST professional appointment setters.

She’ll show you the easy method for recruiting highly motivated, hardworking interns in any market that will be up and running in just 7 days, booking appointments and growing your business.

The Easy Way To Package And Price Managed Services To Increase Profits And Have Your Clients THANKING YOU For It

Right now, inflation and rising costs are DEMANDING you raise your prices across the board. But how do you do that in a way that doesn’t destroy your relationship with your clients or cause them to leave you for someone cheaper?

Our own Director Of Client Coaching, Will Nobles, CEO of the $7 million+ MSP Vector Choice Technology Solutions, will give you an exact blueprint on how to raise your fees while making your clients APPRECIATE IT (yes, it’s possible).

He’s already taught this model to a few of our members with huge success, and now he’s going to show you – with all the templates and exact scripts, pricing plans and approach – how to get this done quickly, adding five to six figures to your bottom line.

Getting Vendors To PAY For Your Marketing (It’s Easy And They’re Glad To Do It)

Did you know your vendors have six to seven figures of marketing dollars set aside for you to use?  We hear from them constantly that it’s almost impossible for them to literally give this money away.

This session will be your guide to who has money, how to get it (It’s easy!) and what events or marketing efforts are already approved and productive.  Stop spending your own money when you can spend theirs and both WIN.

Top Strategies MSPs Are Using To Maximize ROI, Sales And Results With MAP

If you’re constantly pulling reports, cleaning lists, or scheduling meetings with clients, then you are wasting precious hours that could be spent growing your business. Robin’s MAP will do your busy work for you, helping you focus your time on tasks you actually have to do.

Join Danny Hawman and discover what MAP has done for many MSPs and what it could do for you.