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One Focus: To Turn Your IT Services Business Into An Incredibly Successful, Extremely Profitable And Highly Lucrative Business You’re Proud And Excited To Own

May 11-14, 2021 • Orlando, FL

A Giant Posse Of Incredible Speakers, 64+ Business-Building Sessions, Dozens Of Moneymaking Blueprints And Campaigns, 75+ Vendors And 2,100+ MSPs, VARs And IT Services CEOs

The Countdown Is On For The 2021 IT Sales And Marketing Big Red Rodeo!


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The NEW 2021 Digital Marketing Blueprint For IT Services Lead Generation And Sales!

You’ll Receive A Complete How-To Blueprint For Marketing And Lead Generation Online – From Social Media To SEO, Blogging And Pay-Per-Click, It’s ALL Covered, Prioritized And Mapped Out For You, Ready To Go. A $2,000 Bonus, Yours FREE With Registration!

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Urgent Deadline: CRAZY-Low Early Registration Discount Ends At Sundown, March 5th

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Virtual Access

Retail: $2,197
$ 697
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Save $1,500
  • A Live, Company-Wide Pass To The Entire IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp
  • Digital Download Of All Workbooks, Tools, Templates And Campaigns
  • Access To The Virtual Vendor Hall And Solution Showcase
  • Lifetime Access To The Event Recording


Retail: $2,997
$ 997
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  • One In-Person Ticket To The IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp
  • Additional In-Person Tickets Only $100 Each
  • Also Includes Live, Company-Wide Virtual Access (For Your Employees Back At The Office)
  • Printed Workbook And Event Binder + Swag Bag
  • Digital Download Of Workbooks, Tools, Templates And Campaigns
  • Access To The Vendor Hall And Solution Showcase + Virtual Vendor Hall
  • Lifetime Access To The Event Recording
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Platinum First Class

Included For Accelerators/Producers Club Members
Retail: $4,997
$ 2,997
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  • Two In-Person Tickets To The IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp
  • Additional In-Person Tickets Only $100 Each
  • Seating In The Front Of The Venue (With Accelerators And Producers Club Members)
  • Access To Exclusive Accelerators And Producers Club Sessions
  • Access To The Platinum Lounge
  • Also Includes Live, Company-Wide Virtual Access (For Your Employees Back At The Office)
  • Printed Workbook And Event Binder + Swag Bag
  • Digital Download Of Workbooks, Tools, Templates And Campaigns
  • Access To The Vendor Hall And Solution Showcase + Virtual Vendor Hall
  • Lifetime Access To The Event Recording

If at ANY time during the conference you feel you made a mistake and aren’t receiving value, or are disappointed with the content and experience, you can simply hand your materials in at the back table to let us know. You’ll receive a full and complete refund for your ticket, PLUS an additional $500 to cover travel expenses. You must let us know BEFORE THE END OF THE EVENT to get your refund.

Safety Net Cancellation Policy

If you purchase an in-person ticket and later find you cannot attend, simply let us know before close of business, April 27, to get a full refund OR downgrade to a virtual option and receive a refund for the difference in ticket price (in-person vs. virtual ticket price). You are also permitted to let another person attend in your place (please let us know before they show up). If you have to cancel AFTER April 27, 2021, you will not receive a refund but will be given a full, complete virtual pass so you don’t miss out on the event completely. This is a separate policy from our better-than-money-back guarantee.

Featured Speakers

Robin Robins
CEO And Founder
Technology Marketing Toolkit
Marcus Lemonis
CEO Of Camping World
Host Of CNBC’s The Profit
Kevin O'Leary
Serial Entrepreneur
Mr. Wonderful From ABC’s Shark Tank
John Ratliff
Entrepreneur, CEO,
And Investment Banker

Featured Speaker

Marcus Lemonis, The Business Turnaround King

Many know him as the “business turnaround king” and star of CNBC’s prime time reality series The Profit. Lemonis’ notoriety has been established by his tenacity, shrewdness and determination. His biggest business success is as the chairman and CEO of Camping World, the nation’s largest RV and outdoor retailer, and Good Sam, the world’s largest RV owner’s organization. On his TV show, The Profit, he lends his expertise to struggling small businesses around the country, judging and improving them with a “3P” principle: “People/Process/Product”.

Worth the price of admission, in this special session, Marcus is going to share strategies you should follow right now to not just survive this crisis but to come out of it stronger than ever! Over the coming months it’ll be crucial to have a good business plan and strategy and that’s just what the “business turnaround king” is going to share with you. This session will give you a head start on your competition and the ability to successfully maneuver your way through the current economic landscape with land mines just looking to blow up your business. This is a “must attend” session for all!

Where And When Is Boot Camp This Year?

Rosen Shingle Creek

Orlando, Florida

May 11-14, 2021


What's Up With The Wild West Theme?

Every year we choose a theme for Boot Camp; this year it’s “The Wild West”!

I settled on this theme because just like the WILD WEST, we’ve seen things happen over the last year that I never thought possible making it feel like the WILD West: government lockdowns and denials of basic freedoms, protests, riots, massive economic uncertainty, government outlawing some businesses from operating, a spike in businesses closing (including IT and many businesses we thought were fail-proof) and intense political unrest.

Despite these WILD times (or should I say because of them), many of our clients secured LEAPS in prosperity, capitalizing on the opportunities they presented, much like the California gold rush. Shutdowns brought even the most stubborn, penny-pinching clients screaming in from out of the woodwork, begging for IT support at any cost. Many MSPs grew by absorbing the clients of failing competitors, some by buying their competitors for pennies on the dollar. Tech stocks soared (and continue to climb). IT is an “expanding nation,” just like America in the 19th century.

As always, some will PROFIT BIG, while others will lose it all. Our goal is to make sure you’re the FORMER, not the latter.

Sit A Spell At My Campfire To Hear True Tales Of Amazing Legends Who Pioneered, Prospected, Profited!

Running an IT business IS very much like the “Wild West,” with every day bringing exciting new frontiers and “gold rush” opportunities coupled with real dangers of a grueling, hostile terrain, wild animals, rattlesnakes, trigger-happy gunslingers, diseases, outlaws, searing heat, brutal winters and (rightfully) pissed-off natives looking for revenge.

Being a successful pioneer required a hardy constitution, and the men and women who ventured forth to settle the West were tough in every way.

Of course, if you want to profit from the “Wild West” of IT services, with its own unknown and often brutal terrain, hostile hackers and constantly changing frontier, YOU need to equip yourself with every tool, tactic and strategy you can get your hands on – and THAT’s what this event is about.

This year’s 14th annual IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp is going BIG to bring you speakers, tools, strategies, vendors, resources and, of course, FRESH new marketing content to help YOU “pioneer and prosper” like never before. I don’t need to remind you that we’re living in CRAZY, volatile times right now. Who knows what could happen next? Now more than ever, you need to “circle the wagons” and join us at this event.


What Will You Experience

Actionable Content

Thousands of the IT industry’s smartest, most ambitious CEOs, business owners and sales and marketing leaders return to the IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp every year for one reason: Actionable Content Specific To Your Business.

You get the equivalent of an MBA in marketing IT services, leadership, sales strategies, hiring, management and IT excellence delivered in 4 action-packed days. Our sessions are delivered by real-world experts who have actually done what they’re teaching you, as well highly successful CEO peers who have turned their small, barely growing IT businesses into profit-pumping machines.

Your time won’t be wasted listening to “theory” and high-level overviews that are too vague to execute on. You’ll TAKE HOME exact blueprints, campaigns, tools, checklists and strategies that you can instantly implement to fuel profitable growth.

Inspiration In A Success Environment

Here’s an eternal LAW of SUCCESS: To accomplish BIG goals and gains in business (or to achieve any significant accomplishment), you must put yourself in SUCCESS ENVIRONMENTS.

Far too many members stay small, broke and in constant frustration because they resign themselves to whatever bad circumstances they find themselves in. They are saddled with FAILURE ORIENTATION.

They DON’T “see” themselves succeeding. They DON’T believe they can be rich, successful and good at marketing. They don’t believe they can sell or lead a high-performance team. They cave at the first sign of difficulty, quickly get overwhelmed and give up, unable to stick with anything long enough to see results. When this happens again and again, they shrug: “Well, I’m just a tech, Robin!” They EXPECT TO FAIL before they’ve even started, and so they do.

Look: making the transition from TECH to MARKETER, from “SELF-EMPLOYED with HELPERS” to a business OWNER and ENTREPRENEUR, is difficult. And it’s near impossible to have the internal fortitude to stick with the marketing I’m giving you long enough to see results IF you’re surrounded by nothing but resistance, difficult people, multiple problems, piles of work and NO ENCOURAGEMENT.

Coming to Boot Camp IS that success environment you need to be in. Even if you didn’t walk out with a single template (and you will), simply being around others who are succeeding, achieving and growing profitably WILL have a profound impact on you, strengthening your resolve, reigniting your passion and drive and freeing you from feeling like a “lone cowpoke.” There IS comfort in knowing that others are dealing with the SAME problems and issues you are – and relief in hearing how they overcame it, so you can too.

Networking, Parties And FUN

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one – and with over 1,000 IT business owners in attendance, you can bet there will be a LOT to learn from the collective wisdom in attendance.

At the event, we’ll help you break the ice by hosting happy-hour events, cowboy-theme parties, breakouts and daily breakfasts and lunchrooms perfect for hanging out and meeting new friends. And since we’re rounding up a bunch of “geeks” who haven’t been let out to “roam the range” in a while, you can plan on BIG parties and BIG fun. The vendors are locked and loaded with cool swag, big discounts, NEW goodies and giveaways galore.

Best of all, you’ll get to hang out with people who “get” you. Peers who are blazing the same trail, confronted with the same problems and happy to share what they’ve learned with you.

The Cowboy’s Guide To A Successful Life

The Credo Of The West:

Don’t squat with yer spurs on.

Never kick a buffalo turd on a hot day.

There’s more ways to skin a cat than stickin’ its head in a boot jack and jerkin’ on its tail.

Don’t let yer yearnings get ahead of yer earnings.

Don’t dig for water under the outhouse, and always drink water upstream from the herd.

An onion can make a man cry, but there ain’t a vegetable around that can make a man laugh.

Don’t go in somewhere you don’t know the way out of.

If you find yerself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop all yer diggin’.

The quickest and easiest way to double yer money is to fold it over and put it back in yer pocket.

Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from any direction.

If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride.

If you’ve never fallen off a horse, you ain’t been riding long enough.

Speak yer mind, but ride a fast horse.

"Life is tough. But it's tougher when you're stupid. That's why ya need to get yerself to Boot Camp." – John Wayne

(Okay, so he only said the first part.)

What Cowpokes Who Gathered ‘Round Previous Boot Camp “Fires” Had To Say:


"We'll Be Back Every Year!"

“One of the best breakouts at Boot Camp was the QBR breakout. We received so much valuable information from that single hour. We put it into practice immediately and picked up the AudIT software package that many had mentioned. Sitting down for QBRs and having the right tool helped us close a new piece of business within a week at $2900/month and $24,000 in project work. This more than paid for AudIT and Bootcamp in a single event. We’ll be back every year!”

Chris Adams

CCA Technology

"Thanks For A Wonderful Experience..."

“Thanks for a wonderful experience. I came into Boot Camp with kind of a worn-down demeanor and left feeling really awesome and reinvigorated. Thanks to Robin, Jeff and the rest of the team for the usual ace job of presenting a fantastic show for all of us.”

Sherri LeBlanc

RKL & Associates

"One Of The Most Inspiring Events Of My Life"

“I’m so happy that Aaron convinced me to join Accelerators and get those boot camp tickets. That was one of the most inspiring events of my life. Soooo good! I’ve been struggling trying to figure out what was the one thing that I learned that I can start doing right away. I don’t have that answer because there were so many things. But if I was forced to answer the question, I would just have to say “Get off your ass and just do it”! Start executing. And I will do just that.”

Paul Monroe

ITechCare 24/7

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