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IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp!

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January 11, 2019!

The 12th Annual IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp:

Join Us To Gain Access To Our Most Powerful Strategies, Templates And Actionable Blueprints To Build A Stronger, More Lucrative And More Successful IT Services Business

What is the IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp?

Watch This Video To Find Out:
Why Should You Attend?

This is a unique experience unlike any other IT industry seminars, trade shows or events you may have attended and is entirely focused on 4 key things: revenue generation, strategic and profitable growth, marketing and ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS.

  • It is NOT just about "positive thinking" and motivation – although you will feel highly motivated when you leave. "More motivation" is a far too simplistic answer to the tough problems you are dealing with in your IT business. You need ANSWERS, clarity and solid, proven advice – which is exactly what you will get when you attend.
  • It is NOT about delivering boring, dry vendor pitches. Go to any of the other industry trade shows to hear that. We're bringing in highly successful business owners to talk about how to be a smarter, more effective and successful entrepreneur and how to be a leader in your IT business.
  • It is NOT about being a better technician, giving you more certifications or teaching you how to do more crawling around under people's desks, being on-call 24-7 or staying trapped "doing" the work...
  • It IS about being an active participant in a unique and extremely productive environment to help you get refocused on doing the RIGHT things instead of getting sucked into other people's urgencies, priorities and distractions.
  • It IS about putting in place well-thought-out plans for turning the sales slump around and shaking off the last dregs of the recession and about equipping you with a sales and marketing system that is founded in real-world, proven strategies that work – not opinions, theories or hype.
  • It IS about providing you with the ONLY opportunity to see, in great depth, exactly how your peers are breaking through their current income, time and staff limitations to achieve phenomenal new levels of growth and income.
  • It is also about you getting to spend 3 full days with other success-focused entrepreneurs who are "heavy users" of my strategies and methods, many of whom have been with me for years and can attribute huge increases in their personal wealth to the marketing and business-building strategies I've given them.

Here's What You'll Get When You Register
For The IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp:

  • The Proven, Ready-To-Use, Specific, Revenue-Boosting Strategies. No other conference or event in the IT industry delivers as many usable, tested and proven strategies, examples and tools for attracting more clients and closing more sales THAT ARE SPECIFIC TO YOUR IT BUSINESS. When you leave, you'll have dozens of ready-to-use, actionable campaigns you can take home and instantly apply in your IT services business to generate results fast.
  • To Hang Out With Winners, Not Whiners. There is a positive energy and a willingness to share at Robin's conferences that is unlike any other in the industry. Plus, the people who attend Robin's conferences are DOERS. When you attend you'll be impressed not only with the incredible success, growth and results these MSPs are achieving, but also their generosity and willingness to share their strategies with you. If you struggle with marketing your business and you're not happy with the revenue and profits you're generating, you need to be here, with us, learning and soaking up the energy.
  • An Amazing Lineup Of Speakers, Authors And Experts. Every year, we bring in top-notch, world-class experts and speakers that present on everything from sales-generating marketing plans to business strategies that will increase profitability, personal development lessons that will give you the kick-in-the-butt you may need, proven business-growing ideas, real-world examples of other MSP's successes, and more. Our attendees say every year that they are always over-the-top impressed with the caliber of speakers that we bring in for this event and the takeaways they go home with from the speakers are ones that directly impact their business.
  • The Day-One Breakouts. This year we'll be bringing in multiple vendors and experts to help you figure out or expand your services offerings. This session will have multiple tracks and presenters to ensure you get several key areas covered.
  • The Contest For The Car – And The Unbelievable Marketing Presentations From Your Peers. Every year, Robin holds a contest for Spokesperson in which her top, most successful clients compete by delivering presentations on the marketing and sales campaigns that worked the very best to bring in 6- and even 7-figure pay days. Plus, you get to take their entire collection of campaigns home with you. There is no bigger or better shortcut to figuring out what marketing will work for selling IT services than this... and it's all handed to you as part of your attendance.
  • The Battery-Charging Experience. Year after year, people RAVE about the life-changing experience they have when attending this conference – and this is not a "rah-rah" motivational event, although you will leave feeling highly inspired. In fact, it's difficult (if not impossible) to leave this event without feeling a fresh new excitement about your business and confidence in yourself to hit your biggest goals.
  • The Tangible Return On Your Investment GUARANTEED. Every year we make the same guarantee: At the end of the conference, if you don't feel absolutely certain that the content, speakers and takeaways were worth FAR MORE than the time and money invested to attend and that you can use them to generate a massive return on your investment, we'll refund every penny you paid PLUS up to $300 in documented travel fees. Who else makes that kind of guarantee on their conference? Absolutely NO ONE. That's because other conferences are technically focused, teaching you how to be a better technician or operations manager – that's NOT where the money is! Instead, we focus the entire 4 days on how we can make you more successful in generating profits in your pockets, period.

Better-Than-Your-Money-Back Guarantee:

100% Money Back GuarenteeIf after attending the ENTIRE Boot Camp you are not thoroughly convinced that this event was worth every single penny of the tuition you paid and the time you invested, just hand in your materials and say, "This wasn't what I expected," before you leave and I will refund 100% of your money – no hassles! And for your trouble, we'll ALSO refund your airfare and hotel up to $300 in addition to your registration.

Here's What Previous Attendees Had To Say

"It Was Worth Traveling 60 Hours To Attend!"
Boot Camp was very inspiring and motivating! It makes a big difference attending the event in person to network and talk to other people with similar businesses. The event was wonderfully organized, and I can certainly say that it was worth traveling a total of 60 hours to attend the event. The time off work also gave me a chance to think about what I needed to do in my business. Hopefully, this is where I get off my butt and start to work harder and make my marketing work better, and not get bogged down by the technical stuff. Thank you again for putting on a great event!
– Vijay Nyayapati, Redbrick Technology Limited
"Definitely A Must-See Event"
I'd strongly recommend attending Robin's Boot Camp because you'll be seriously missing out on some great information if you stay home. Not only will you learn marketing strategies specific to your business, but you'll learn valuable information on leadership, strategy, time management and more. This is definitely a must-see for any tech consulting firm.
– Lauren Groff, Groff Networks
"I Could Have Left After The First Day And It Would Have Been Worth Every Penny I Paid"
This is my first conference – in fact, first event – with Robin Robins. My expectations were that it would be good, and then my hope (which is a little bit lower than my expectations) was that I would get something out of it that would be beneficial to me. After the end of the first day I had so much information, so much knowledge, so many people to turn to, so many more pieces of the puzzle that I didn't even know existed, that if I would have left after the first day, it would've been worth every penny paid. This Boot Camp has really helped me get a clear understanding of what I need to do to transform my business. I would absolutely recommend Robin and her Boot Camp – and I'm not typically somebody that gushes or gives glowing recommendations; but the people that I have met and the information I've gained is leaving me speechless. Just the quality of the individuals that are here is truly mind-boggling.
– Greg Stier, Business Advantage Systems & Networks Inc.
"You'd Be Brain-Dead Not To Sign Up"
My recommendation to anyone out there thinking about enrolling in Robin's Boot Camp is this: don't procrastinate. I hesitated at first and now, looking back, I can see that was a mistake. I'm in my second year with Robin and my sales have jumped from only $90K (as a one-man-band) to $350K with a staff and plan for ongoing growth. Now I have clarity and direction, which is why I come to Robin's Boot Camps. If you need any clarity in your business and you are serious about taking your business to the next level, then you'd be brain-dead not to sign up.
– Larry Owens, IntegrIT Network Solutions, Inc.
"I'm Extremely Impressed"
I'm absolutely thrilled with what I'm learning here at the Boot Camp. I've been in marketing and sales most of my life, but what this conference has given me is the direction, process and confidence to really implement it. Overall I've been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of content, and it's nice to hang out with my peers who have already been successful in implementing a working marketing plan for their business – you learn a lot from that. Now that we've got the marketing tools, there's nothing holding us back.
– Jim Denton, Tulsa Cash Register
"I Can't Wait For Next May!"
This was my first live Robin Robins experience and I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical before I arrived. After seeing the efforts that Robin and her team put into making this a success, I can't wait for next May. You have truly captured the ability to get people to believe, and that above all else is so important. Thank you to team Robin who worked so hard and continue to give so much.
– Stacy Adams, Direct Tec Inc.
"I Tried Really Hard To Find Someone That Was Not Happy..."
Thank you so much, I didn't have the opportunity to say thank you in person. I believe we will be doing business together. I tried really hard to find someone that was not happy with your product... Everyone agreed that the only person not to be happy with is themselves.
– Dave Crawley, TechConnect
"The Money We Spent To Get Here Is Insignificant Compared To The Value"
Robin's Boot Camp is absolutely phenomenal; and from a price-point perspective the tuition is actually free when you compare it to what you get. The money spent here is insignificant compared to the value, information and takeaways we've received. Any IT business owner wanting to grow their business needs to attend – and that goes double in this economy where we are losing customers to the economy and dealing with clients who don't want to spend any money. Trying to grow a business is tough enough as it is, but given today's economic climate, it's even harder. That's why this conference has been so terrific. The marketing campaigns, the new ideas, networking with our peers and the speakers, are all definitely a must-see.
– Patrick Fisher, The Vericom Group
"We Absolutely Love Robin"
I flew all the way from Sydney, Australia, to attend Robin's Boot Camp. Why? Because we absolutely love Robin over there! Quite a few of my colleagues are also Robin fans and we all get a tremendous amount of value from her materials, coaching and support. We were in really bad shape a few years ago, so I started doing some research online for someone who could help. I finally narrowed it down to a few companies, but ended up going with Robin because she had a personal touch. Some of the other sites didn't even publish a phone number, which seemed a bit odd, whereas Robin was very open and personable, which is one of the reasons we are loyal fans and clients. For anyone out there struggling, please enroll in Robin's program. You can actually pick up the phone and talk to her. I've actually called and cried on the phone, and she's listened to me for more than an hour, all the way from Sydney. So she's absolutely awesome. And she actually feels the pain. She's been there, done that, so that's how we connected, and I still feel quite close and very lucky to have her on our team.
– Maria Padisetti, Digital Armour Corp.
"Don't Hesitate – Just Go For It!"
I would just like to add that anybody who is hesitating should just go for it. It's more than a marketing program; it's almost a philosophy, if you will, a way of life, a way of thinking about your business that I've never experienced before. And the people that you're introduced to, and the peers that become a part of your team, will change things in a way and on a mental level that, for me, I haven't found anywhere else.
– Sean Riggs, IT Definitive, LLC
"A Lot Of Meat For Your Money"
Should you register for Robin's Boot Camp? In a word, absolutely! Especially for tech business owners who aren't really focused on marketing, because it's a great way to take your business to a whole other level. Robin talks in specifics, so you really get a lot of meat for your money.
– Don Quick, The Vericom Group
"You'll Walk Away With A TON Of Great Material And Motivation"
I would highly recommend that you come to Robin's Boot Camp because she really "gets" marketing IT services, and you will walk away with a TON of great material and motivation to make big changes in your business. She's not a tech person – which is good – yet she understands the tech side of things. She's been helping IT business owners market their businesses for so long and has had so much exposure to this industry that she's really on the ball when it comes to what works in driving revenue and new clients for an IT consulting firm. Plus, she's always right there, challenging us to step up, kind of like that stern but loving mother who's always there nagging you to make sure you do what you know you should be doing but often procrastinate on – and that's a good thing!
– Michael Promes, ServLogix

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March 5 – 8, 2019
Music City Center
201 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Music City Center Photo Courtesy of the Convention Center Authority of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County

Featuring Peyton Manning

Former Pro NFL quarterback,
five-time NFL MVP and two-time Super Bowl Champion
Peyton Manning

You Are Protected By My Outrageous Better-Than-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

If after attending the ENTIRE Boot Camp you are not thoroughly convinced that this event was worth every single penny of the tuition you paid and the time you invested, just hand in your materials and say, "This wasn't what I expected," before you leave, and I will refund 100% of your money – no hassles! And for your trouble, we'll ALSO refund your airfare and hotel up to $300 in addition to your registration.

Here's What Attendees Are Saying About Robin Robins And Boot Camp

"This Event Is A Game-Changer For Our Business Every Year"
Jennifer Holmes, MIS Solutions, Inc.
"Fantastic! Sharing Of Knowledge And Best Practices Like
No Other Place"
Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks
"Boot Camp Is Simply
A 'Must Do' Event"
Jeff Brodie, Codefusion Communications
"Great Time, Lots Of Content And Phenomenal Speakers"
Dan McCoy, Micro Enterprises LLC
"Robin Talks About A Lot Of High Level Strategies That Move You From Putting Out Fires To Growing Your Business"
Jason Williams, Owia Technology
"The Best Conference I Have Ever Been To"
Matt Rose, VM Squared"If you missed the recent Boot Camp, you missed a hell of a show. This was by far the best conference I have ever been to. My takeaways are too long to list but the personal productivity sessions helped me to get laser focused on growing my business. I fully plan to drive that car away myself!"
Matt Rose, VM Squared
"Definitely Worth The Trip!"
Brandon Johnson, IPQuest"This year's Boot Camp was incredible! The production was first class, the speakers world class and the information was incredibly valuable. Definitely worth the trip! For someone who just purchased the Toolkit, I think coming to Boot Camp really helped me jump start my marketing and I'm very excited to get started implementing your strategies. I have been looking for you since the first day I was hired to help launch IPQuest into Alabama. I only wished I would have pursued your Toolkit after I heard you on the Entreleadership podcast 3 years ago! Thank you for everything!"
Brandon Johnson, IPQuest