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Introducing Your 2023

Better-Your-Best Contest Finalists

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Jay Hill

Network Providers
BYBFinalists_Konrad Martin

Konrad Martin

Tech Advisors
Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer

911 IT
BYBFinalists_Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor

BYBFinalists_Tommy Thornton

Tommy Thornton


Better-Your-Best Grand Prize Winner

The grand prize winner of the 2023 Better-Your-Best contest will be rewarded with the opportunity to be the spokesperson for Robin Robins, CEO, and Founder of Technology Marketing Toolkit, over the next year. They will also receive a brand new luxury vehicle, like the Aston Martin we gave away to Better-Your-Best Winner, David Javaheri, in 2022.

Meet Your 2023 Better-Your-Best

Contest Semi-Finalists

Matthew Rebstock

Tech In A Flash

Matt Katzer


Mary Hamilton


Julio Lopez

Net A Corp

Brian Satz

CW IT Support

Frans Trisnadi


Justin Kelley

IMPACT Technology Group, Inc.