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The IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp Is The LEADING Industry Conference For Growth-Minded CEOs And Leaders Of MSPs, MSSPs, VARs And IT Services Companies With Honest Ambition To Grow, Profit And Scale

Omni Hotel • Nashville, TN • April 11-14, 2023​​

50 Speakers, 103 Sessions, 80 Vendors And 1,200+ MSPs​​

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Get Access To Private Recordings With Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec On How He Grew A $1.2 Billion-Dollar MSSP From Scratch

The Sharks Are Coming To Robin's Big Seminar!

Hosted By TMT’s Founder And CEO Robin Robins

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$ 4,997 One Time Payment
  • Two In-Person Tickets To The IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp
  • Additional In-Person Tickets Only $100 Each
  • Seating In The Front Of The Venue (With Accelerators And Producers Club Members)
  • Access To Exclusive Accelerators And Producers Club Sessions
  • Access To The Platinum Lounge
  • Also Includes Live, Company-Wide Virtual Access (For Your Employees Back At The Office)
  • Printed Workbook And Event Binder
  • Digital Download Of Workbooks, Tools, Templates And Campaigns
  • Access To The Vendor Hall And Solution Showcase + Virtual Vendor Hall
  • Lifetime Access To The Event Recording
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VIP In-Person

$ 2,997 One Time Payment
  • One In-Person Ticket To The IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp
  • Additional In-Person Tickets Only $100 Each
  • Also Includes Live, Company-Wide Virtual Access (For Your Employees Back At The Office)
  • Printed Workbook And Event Binder
  • Digital Download Of Workbooks, Tools, Templates And Campaigns
  • Access To The Vendor Hall And Solution Showcase + Virtual Vendor Hall
  • Lifetime Access To The Event Recording
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Company Wide Virtual Pass

$ 2,197 One Time Payment
  • A Live, Company-Wide Virtual Pass To The Entire IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp
  • Digital Download Of All Workbooks, Tools, Templates And Campaigns
  • Access To The Virtual Vendor Hall And Solution Showcase
  • Lifetime Access To The Event Recordings

If at ANY time during the conference you feel you made a mistake and aren’t receiving value, or are disappointed with the content and experience, you can simply hand your materials in at the back table to let us know. You’ll receive a full and complete refund for your ticket, PLUS an additional $500 to cover travel expenses. You must let us know BEFORE THE END OF THE EVENT to get your refund.

Safety Net Cancellation Policy

If you purchase an in-person ticket and later find you cannot attend, simply let us know before close of business, March 20, to get a full refund OR downgrade to a virtual option and receive a refund for the difference in ticket price (in-person vs. virtual ticket price). You are also permitted to let another person attend in your place (please let us know before they show up). If you have to cancel AFTER March 20, 2023, you will not receive a refund but will be given a full, complete virtual pass so you don’t miss out on the event completely. This is a separate policy from our better-than-money-back guarantee.

What's Up With The "Raiders Of The Big Profits" Theme This Year?

Every year for Boot Camp, we pick a FUN theme. “Build” with Mike Rowe. “The Greatest Show On Earth” with Peyton Manning. The “Godmarketer” with Marcus Lemonis and Sammy The Bull Gravano.

This year’s theme is “Raiders Of The BIG Profits” not only because the Indiana Jones series is a personal favorite, but also because NOW is the time for all MSPs to take a chapter out of the Indiana Jones saga and go on an ADVENTURE to “raid” the tombs for ancient wisdom and “discover” the maps that lead to hidden coffers of gold and treasure before your competition swipes them. (Those Nazi bastards!)

We’ve stacked the speakers and sessions with an impressive lineup of SUCCESSFUL businesspeople, CEOs and experts who will deliver tangible “how-to” blueprints that you can take home and directly apply in your IT services business for INSTANT, positive impact.

There are plenty of events out there for you to attend. But most events in our industry are focused on making you a better technician, not a better entrepreneur; so if your ambition is to be the best OPERATIONS manager or TECHNICIAN on your team, have at ’em. Others simply serve up speakers they can get for free or very cheap who waste your time. Not so at Boot Camp, which is why you’d be a fool to miss.

NOBODY in the IT industry pulls together as many marketing and sales-building experts, CEOs and leaders as we do at our annual Boot Camp. NOWHERE else will you get to learn from SUCCESSFUL peers who have significantly grown their IT services business in clients, sales and profits – AND get to take home the actual blueprints they used to do it. NOWHERE else will you get to learn from people who have actually DONE what they’re teaching, delivering a FIELD report instead of a BOOK report. NOT peddlers of the newest fad and experts only through hype, but battle-worn, highly successful CEOs and subject-matter experts who have prospered in the real world, where clients eat their young and competition is cutthroat.

You should NOT think of this annual event as “just another” industry conference you can skip. Doing so would be a serious mistake. If you have honest ambition to build a better, more profitable and more stable IT services business, mark your calendar and register TODAY.

Here's a sneak peek Of

What You Will Experience At Boot Camp

2022 BYB Winner: David Javaheri

Actionable Content

Thousands of the IT industry’s smartest, most ambitious CEOs, business owners and sales and marketing leaders return to the IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp every year for one reason: Actionable Content Specific To Your Business.

You get the equivalent of an MBA in marketing IT services, leadership, sales strategies, hiring, management and IT excellence delivered in 4 action-packed days. Our sessions are delivered by real-world experts who have actually done what they’re teaching you, as well highly successful CEO peers who have turned their small, barely growing IT businesses into profit-pumping machines.

Your time won’t be wasted listening to “theory” and high-level overviews that are too vague to execute on. You’ll TAKE HOME exact blueprints, campaigns, tools, checklists and strategies that you can instantly implement to fuel profitable growth.

Inspiration In A Success Environment

Here’s an eternal LAW of SUCCESS: To accomplish BIG goals and gains in business (or to achieve any significant accomplishment), you must put yourself in SUCCESS ENVIRONMENTS.

Far too many members stay small, broke and in constant frustration because they resign themselves to whatever bad circumstances they find themselves in. They are saddled with FAILURE ORIENTATION.

They DON’T “see” themselves succeeding. They DON’T believe they can be rich, successful and good at marketing. They don’t believe they can sell or lead a high-performance team. They cave at the first sign of difficulty, quickly get overwhelmed and give up, unable to stick with anything long enough to see results. When this happens again and again, they shrug: “Well, I’m just a tech, Robin!” They EXPECT TO FAIL before they’ve even started, and so they do.

2022 Boot Camp Guest Speaker: Marcus Lemonis

Look: making the transition from TECH to MARKETER, from “SELF-EMPLOYED with HELPERS” to a business OWNER and ENTREPRENEUR, is difficult. And it’s near impossible to have the internal fortitude to stick with the marketing I’m giving you long enough to see results IF you’re surrounded by nothing but resistance, difficult people, multiple problems, piles of work and NO ENCOURAGEMENT.

Coming to Boot Camp IS that success environment you need to be in. Even if you didn’t walk out with a single template (and you will), simply being around others who are succeeding, achieving and growing profitably WILL have a profound impact on you, strengthening your resolve, reigniting your passion and drive and freeing you from feeling alone. There IS comfort in knowing that others are dealing with the SAME problems and issues you are – and relief in hearing how they overcame it, so you can too.

Networking, Parties And FUN

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one – and with over 1,000 IT business owners in attendance, you can bet there will be a LOT to learn from the collective wisdom in attendance.

At the event, we’ll help you break the ice by hosting happy-hour events, godfather-theme parties, breakouts and daily breakfasts and lunchrooms perfect for hanging out and meeting new friends. The vendors are locked and loaded with cool swag, big discounts, NEW goodies and giveaways galore.

Best of all, you’ll get to hang out with people who “get” you. Peers who are blazing the same trail, confronted with the same problems and happy to share what they’ve learned with you.

Here’s What Previous Attendees Said
About Their Boot Camp Experience

Charles Swihart

"The One Thing About Boot Camp That I Just Can't Live Without Is Different Every Year."​

“The one thing about Boot Camp that I just can’t live without is different every year. Every year, there’s some different thing I take out of it. This year, it was the Better-Your-Best speakers who gave us some golden nuggets to take home. A new idea for a campaign. A new idea about Google reviews and SEO. There’s just always some fresh new content and speakers.”

Charles Swihart​
President Of Preactive IT Solutions, LP​
Leia Shilobod​

"I come to Boot Camp every year because of the people who I'm going to learn from."

“ Whether it’s my peers and what we’re talking about in the hallway together, the vendors and the information that they’re giving us in the sessions, or these amazing speakers that Robin’s bringing in, that’s what I always come for. Plus, I happen to be your girl for celebrity attachment, so I do take the opportunity to get all of the pictures of these celebrities or even the security engineers. And then I’m able to come back and share that knowledge with my clients and my prospects.”

Leia Shilobod​
Co-Founder Of InTech Solutions, Inc.​
Tom Glover

“I keep coming back because the energy at Boot Camp is just absolutely unbeatable."

“If you have the opportunity, you need to come to Boot Camp. It is the single biggest event of the year and the energy that’s here is it’s just unbelievable. I mean, being virtual, if that’s the only choice you have, is definitely the better choice than not attending. But it can’t beat in-person. You know, when you’re any of the virtual events like that, when you’re trying to log in from home or log in from the office, there’s so many distractions. And then when you’re here, you’re just kind of in the middle of it and it’s a lot easier to focus and pay attention to what’s going on.”

Tom Glover​
CEO of Responsive Technology Partners, Inc.

“One Thing About Boot Camp I Can't Live Without Is The Community."​

“One thing about Boot Camp I can’t live without is the community. I got to meet people and talk to them. I always come out with amazing, amazing information.”

Leah Freiman​
Co-Founder of ItCon

"Every time I come to a Boot Camp event, the people I get to meet, whether they're my peers or whether they're some of the celebrities that are brought in by Robin, they're always life changing for me."

“Every time I come to a Producers Club event or a Boot Camp event, the people I get to meet, whether they’re my peers or whether they’re some of the celebrities that are brought in by Robin, they’re always life changing for me. There’s always something pivotal that comes from that. One of the best ones ever was Chris Voss. And I did this entire training afterwards. Another one was Nido Quebein and going to High Point University. Having those types of experiences has been so enormous for my own professional and personal development.”

Ross Brouse​
President Of Continuous Network​

"I Had High Expectations For Boot Camp 2020… And You FAR EXCEEDED My Expectations!"

“Your annual Boot Camps over the years have been nothing short of amazing. They are always well worth the expense and time of traveling from New Zealand. You continue to raise the bar year after year.

This year was no different, even though you had to move the entire Boot Camp online with very short notice. I have to say that the virtual Boot Camp this year FAR EXCEEDED my expectations, and I had high expectations! Way to go Robin and the Technology Marketing Toolkit team – you nailed it. AGAIN!”

Vijay Nyayapati

"Extremely Impressed With My First Boot Camp Experience!"

“As a first time attendee of Robin Robins’ Boot Camp, I was extremely impressed with this year’s virtual event. Despite not having the face-to-face experience, I can confidently say that the virtual lobby, interactive vendor booths and the ongoing chat dialog ENHANCED the experience immensely.

Your speakers, the compelling topics and all of the information gleaned was excellent. Many times I felt I was on the receiving end of a fire hose, but I was able to capture a lot of valuable information.

As a result of both Robin and Marcus Lemonis talking about doubling down on marketing, I have joined your Accelerators Club to start doubling down on my marketing.

Mahalo from Maui, and I can’t wait until next year!!!”

Mikol Westling
President and CEO, Maui Tech Solutions

"I Grew 25% To One Million Dollars With Very Little Sales Effort!"

“Attending Boot Camp and implementing Robin’s marketing gave my company the confidence to grow and provide the family-friendly atmosphere to bring in team members and customers who share my same philosophy. This year, implementing Robin’s marketing, I grew 25% to one million dollars with very little sales effort. We have gone from three to ten team members and are on track for more growth next year. I increased my MRR from about $10k a month to $34k/month in just gaining the confidence in selling MRR and the tools Robin provides. Thank You Robin for an amazing event!”

Robert Benton
Network Technology Partners

"Absolutely Amazing!"

“This whole virtual Boot Camp is absolutely amazing to me. To pivot and pull off this impressive online seminar in just a few weeks is hard to wrap my head around! Great job to the Robin crew and to the vendors she hired!”

Tommy Cole
Networking Delaware

"Robin And Her Team Are EPIC!"

“Because of the coronavirus, we had to cancel our convention too. Now I’m considering using the same amazing technology that Robin used to put on an impressive virtual Boot Camp. And they put it together in JUST FOUR WEEKS! Just shows how EPIC Robin’s team is.”

Cathy Szymanski
Szymanski Consulting

"Very Impressed With Quality Of Virtual Boot Camp!"

“I’m very impressed with the quality of this virtual Boot Camp event! Excellent job TMT Team!!”

Sondra Lorino
Parallel Edge

"As A New Client, We Are Super Impressed!"

“Really impressed with everything about the virtual Boot Camp. We are a new client of Robin Robins having purchased the Toolkit within the past month.”

David Hodgert
10D Tech

"Entirely Impressed (And I Don’t Impress Easily)"

“I cannot tell you how entirely impressed I am with your virtual Boot Camp. It was seriously over the top and I don’t impress easily. I cannot even imagine what went into creating this platform in just 6 weeks AND you poured out new relevant content that inspired me to sign up. I absolutely cannot wait to get started on this!

I want to thank you for being tenacious as hell. You do practice what you preach, and you do not stop pursuing prospects. For that I am grateful. You knocked me out with a job very, very well done. I would not have the confidence and excitement to face the next year if it were not for your Boot Camp. Thank you!”

Shawn Massa
Golden Tech

"Way To Pivot And Deliver A Fantastic Event! You And Your Team Are Awesome!"

“Robin, you again have INSPIRED us by the way you responded, pivoted and overcame all roadblocks to make your virtual Boot Camp a fantastic event! You and your team are AWESOME! You should be proud. Thank you again for all you do for us as members of the Technology Marketing Toolkit community.”

Steve & Donna Edrington
Service Solutions

I Didn’t Want To Skip A Single Minute!

Going into this virtual Boot Camp, I thought, “How will Robin pull this one off?” Oh boy, was I surprised! As we have come to expect, Robin did not disappoint. Her and her team put on such a FANTASTIC virtual event under difficult and different circumstances.

Living in Australia, the one challenge I had was starting each day around 1 am. Fortunately, my want for learning got me up and ready to watch straight through. I didn’t want to skip a single minute for fear of missing out on ANY information. I have seen the value of staying up late and missing sleep. Congratulations on another successful Boot Camp!

Damien Pepper
DSP Electronics Pty Ltd

"Every Time I Attend Boot Camp, I Come Back To My Company With Great Ideas And A Higher Intensity."

“Most professions have a place to go and learn how to better their offerings and services for their clients and to become more profitable. Technology Marketing Toolkit and Robin Robins provides all of this and much more at their Boot Camp. Better business techniques, marketing, accountability and more. Every time I attend Boot Camp, I come back to my company with great ideas and a higher intensity. So much so, that I brought my two business partners with me to this past year’s Boot Camp to see what it was all about and each of them are showing interest in attending again. Thanks Robin!”

Konrad Martin
CPA, CEO, Tech Advisors Inc.

"I'm Walking Away With A Ton Of Information!"

“The speakers never disappoint! Gino Wickman was awesome and while I have read and implemented part of his book, hearing him explain it just made it click. Interacting with vendors and other professionals like me is also a huge plus. I’m walking away with a ton of information and even if some of it I have heard before, the refresher is a huge motivator to dig in and do the work!”

Christopher Bartosz
FVC Technologies, Inc.

"Boot Camp Is By Far The Best Industry Event I’ve Been To!"

“I’ve been to many technology conferences during the course of my career, but Boot Camp was by far the best! The knowledge shared, the quality of the presenters, the atmosphere and experience – just a great event overall. Congratulations Robin & Team!”

Roy Richardson
Aurora InfoTech, LLC

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