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Fred Sagester, Sagester & Associates
Fred Sagester, Sagester Associates Group
Revenues Up $517,820, Net Profits Up $199,282, Monthly Recurring Revenue Up $17,606
“I wanted to change the way we thought about marketing in 2018. No more thinking in terms of individual campaigns. I didn’t want to go on a diet, I wanted a complete “lifestyle change” for my company. Everything we do not only brings in new customers and new revenue, but also positions us as the expert in our niche. Now, whenever anything happens in a five-state radius related to dental IT, we have become the go to experts our market turns to.”
Charles Swihart, Preactive IT
Charles Swihart, Preactive IT Solutions
Revenues Up $404,595, Net Profits Up $236,434, Monthly Recurring Revenue Up $47,376
“Over the last 3 years, we’ve completely transformed our business from a break-fix shop with 981 customers into a managed services powerhouse billing out over $100,000 per month in B2B contracts. Our revenue has grown 62% net profit has more than tripled & MRR has nearly quadrupled. Losing 90% of our clients was the best thing to happen to our business!”
Bob Coppedge, Simplex IT
Bob Coppedge, Simplex IT
Revenues Up $535,000, Net Profits Up 11X Over 2017, Monthly Recurring Revenue Up $26,000
“We finally implemented a marketing SYSTEM in 2018 with good success, breaking the $2 million mark for the 1st time, publishing my 1st book and best of all, removing me from being involved in day-to-day operations within my company. I have a sales and marketing team in place now and it’s paying off big time!”
Bruce McCully, Dynamic Edge, Inc.
Bruce McCully, Dynamic Edge, Inc.
Revenues Up $1.5 Million, Net Profits Up $167,500, Monthly Recurring Revenue Up To $433,500!
“In 2018, we sold the most we’ve ever sold... $7.5 million to be exact! And thanks to Robin, her marketing, and the speakers at her events, I’m no longer the person doing all the sales and marketing work! The past year is testament to how scalable Robin’s material is. Had I not given Robin and her team a chance 10 years ago as a small, struggling IT firm, Dynamic Edge would likely not be here today.”
Sitima Fowler, Capstone IT
Sitima Fowler, Capstone IT
Revenues Up $1.6 Million, Net Profits Up $401,593, Monthly Recurring Revenue Up $63,000
“This past year, we set all time company records for revenue, net profit, and average deal size. In 9 years with Technology Marketing Toolkit, Capstone has grown from $5K in MRR to now over $311k. By following the fundamentals, we have gone from being introverted engineers to a high performing marketing and sales focused company.”

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