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There is no industry conference that matches the caliber, content or value available in the 4 days of the IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp. No boring speakers or subjects at this event; everything is staged to educate, motivate and equip IT business owners to make 2021 their best year ever and continue to grow their business.

Partnering with Technology Marketing Toolkit for the 2021 IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp extends the opportunity for your company to connect with – and sell to – a targeted audience of over 2,000 IT business owners who are willing to invest their time and money to attend and learn how to grow their business.

What Our Sponsors Are Saying About
Our Live and Virtual Events

Within Robin's Group Alone, We've Seen About 400% Growth In The Last 2 Years

We spend the time and the money that we do in sponsoring Robin's programs and events because we found that the partners who come from Robin are more successful than those who don't and are growing faster than your average MSP. We have seen a significant growth in the number of partners we have been able to recruit from Robin's group, and the success with those actual partners has been phenomenal. Through her events alone, we've seen about a 400% growth in the last two years in the number of customers we've been able to acquire, and a number of MSPs have become partners; and those partners who are trained on marketing by Robin deliver a 200% higher sales rate than our 'average' partner acquired somewhere else. So if you're a vendor and you're actually interested in looking at a place to spend your money, you can't go wrong by sponsoring one of Robin's events. It's been one of our highest ROIs, often paying for itself in new partners and contracts before I leave the event.

Rob Rae | Datto
Rob Rae
Datto, Senior VP Business Development

More Than 300 Leads In The First Day!

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about a Virtual event, but Robin Robins and her team did an amazing job. Easy to navigate, great information, sessions and presenters. Here at Nerdio we interacted with 300+ people who were some of the most interactive out of any event I’ve attended in recent memory (that’s a lot BTW).

Will Ominsky | Nerdio
Will Ominsky
Nerdio, Channel Sales Manager

Online Event Was A Total Home Run!

Robin Robins Virtual Boot Camp has been a total home run for Liongard! We’ve been able to engage with so many prospects and partners in our virtual booth. We’ve closed a number of deals, booked meetings and had quality conversations with highly qualified prospects. It’s been really fun to do something different in the midst of this unique time. I can’t wait to do our next virtual event!

Cynthia Schreniner | Liongard
Cynthia Schreiner
Liongard, Community Manager

We Look Forward To Continuing Our Strong Partnership
With Robin

The Robin Robins Cyber Security Roadshow was a great sponsorship opportunity for Microsoft to meet with both existing and new partners. We were given lots of opportunities to connect with partners throughout the 1½ days, and the logistics were incredibly simple and well-managed. The partners in attendance were keen to chat and learn more about Microsoft Cloud Solutions. We look forward to continuing our strong partnership with Robin and team.

Ginny Hoban | Microsoft
Ginny Hoban

Boot Camp Continues To Be A Strong ROI Driver -
Even Virtually!

The virtual event provided highly engaging conversations at the booth and during our live presentations, it gave us an opportunity to share multiple pieces of educational content, and connect with more attendees than we normally would at a physical event. As a vendor, you feel well taken care of by the Robin Robins team!

Katie Schlatter | Huntress
Katie Schlatter
Huntress, Field Marketing Manager

We Signed On 87 Brand-New Partners At Robin’s Boot Camp

Our success from sponsoring Robin’s events is based on her peer group members that help each other to be successful. The clients of Robin that we partner with spread the word to their peer group members about our solutions, and those new potential partners seek us out at her events. They’re not competitive with each other, and it’s just a great environment for us as a sponsor.

Dana Liedholm | ID Agent
Dana Liedholm
ID Agent

We Had 20 To 30 Sales Demos At The Virtual Event, Which Far Exceeded Our Expectations

We loved sponsoring this event and got great exposure, having anywhere between 12 and 30 attendees visiting the booth every hour. What also made the show so great was that our whole team was able to be engaged at a show, where we would otherwise not have that ability at a live event.

David Converse | UCXmarket
David Converse
UCXmarket, VP Sales

We've Never Had A Bad Show With Robin And Our ROI Is Always Astounding

Robin Robins' events are our favorite events time and time again. The quality of the leads here is terrific and the people that Robin puts us in front of are precisely the kind of people we want to partner with. The attendees at Robin's events are extremely serious about growing their business and invest copious amounts of time and energy to be here. Technology Marketing Toolkit events are designed to let the attendees meet and speak with the sponsors, and many spend quite a bit of time talking with us and about us. This group is a great referral source. We've never had a bad show with Robin and our ROI is always astounding. Since starting with Robin, we've grown to almost triple our original size.

Mark Winter | RapdiFire Tools
Mark Winter
RapidFire Tools

Can't Wait To Come Back Next Year

The quality of the partners here at the Robin Robins Boot Camp is great, and the response to Auvik's network infrastructure RMM has been amazing. We've been having so many excellent conversations and can't wait to come back next year.

Mark Winter | RapdiFire Tools
Jacqui Murphy

We Keep Adding New Partners Each Time We Sponsor A Robin Robins Event

Boot Camp is a must-have. Robin’s members care about their business. They’re investing in marketing and sales, which is exactly the type of partner we want to work with. They know they need marketing and the products that will help grow the business. I love the engagement that’s built into Boot Camp.

Art Gross | Secure Now!
Art Gross
Secure Now!

This Is One Of Our Most Successful Events

I have to admit, I spend a lot of time doing trade shows and different events, and this is one of our most successful events. While I was on stage speaking, we actually had people emailing us directly asking to subscribe to our services. I could not recommend any more highly, the benefits of being here and actually being proactive and speaking live and really making use of what is the Robin Robins community. We find a lot of the folks are working together, they are sharing the benefits of what they are learning at these events and ultimately, serving their end clients better. I highly recommend a sponsoring position or at least taking a booth.

Marc Haskelson | Compliancy Group
Marc Haskelson
Compliancy Group

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