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IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp!

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January 11, 2019!

2019 Boot Camp Speakers And Agenda

March 5th – 8th, 2019 – Nashville, TN

A more detailed schedule will be provided to those who register.
NOTE: This schedule is tentative and subject to change, so check back frequently for additional sessions.

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Tuesday, March 5th

Registration and Sponsor Exhibits: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Lunch: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Solution Showcase: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Opening Night Reception: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Main Event
Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, March 6th

Breakfast Sales And Marketing Breakout Sessions: 7:30 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.
Sessions: 9:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Vendor Hall Pub Crawl: 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. – Open To All Attendees

Thursday, March 7th

Breakfast Sales And Marketing Breakout Sessions: 7:45 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Sessions: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Producers Club and Accelerators Club Party: 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Friday, March 8th

Breakfast Sales And Marketing Breakout Sessions: 8:00 a.m. to 8:40 a.m.
Sessions: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

58 Incredible Speakers, 64 Money-Making Sessions,
55+ Vendors, 950 MSPs And IT Services CEOs
ALL Under One "Tent"!

Opening Night In The Big Top!The Art Of Money-Getting, P. T. Barnum StyleHow To Apply Barnum's "Golden Rules" Of Marketing, Promotion And Salesmanship To Make BIG Money, Confound Your Competitors, Attract A Flood Of New Clients And Have More FUN!

P. T. Barnum was, without a doubt, one of the greatest impresarios and marketing geniuses of all time – and in this opening-night session, "Ringmaster Robin" will fire you up with a batch of FRESH, new and exciting Barnumesque marketing strategies for money-getting you can INSTANTLY apply in your IT services business to create a STAMPEDE of new clients! Come one, come all!

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Briefly, a quick answer to “Why should an IT company study P. T. Barnum?” By the time he was 12 years old, Barnum’s entrepreneurial tendencies were already showing as he peddled snacks and cherry rum to soldiers, generating enough of a profit to buy his own livestock. A serial entrepreneur, he tried his hand at a number of businesses, from newspaper publishing to running a boarding house, making great sums of money, losing it, then rebuilding his wealth several times over, becoming one of America’s first millionaires. He made a large fortune in real estate, inventing a clever method for selling land lots by financing the buyers so they could build homes, then collecting profit from the enhanced value of the lots in between. He staged the first modern beauty competition. He served as Mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and as a bank president, and fought to free slaves.

But his most famous accomplishment started in 1871 when he launched his traveling museum, self-proclaimed “The Greatest Show On Earth,” later becoming the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus – a performance that would become the longest-running live show in the history of the world.

Barnum was a GENIUS at self-promotion, getting free PR and creating OUTRAGEOUS advertisements that won the hearts (and wallets) of his customers. His museum had over 400,000 visitors per year in the mid-1800s when traveling was no easy feat and without the use of modern digital marketing. Amazing!

Barnum had marketing down to a science and took advertising and promotion to a level that had never been seen before – so much so that his story made it to the big screen recently in The Greatest Showman, with Hugh Jackman playing in the starring role of Barnum. In fact, you can see many of his publicity tactics used today by modern giants of commerce, such as Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. A simple example: Barnum invented the concept of the “traveling billboard,” sending horse-drawn wagons through town with posters and signs promoting his museum – a commonplace occurrence seen on buses today. Another: To promote his American Museum, he draped the building in oversized banners announcing the new attractions – another common strategy still used to this day by major museums around the world.

But how can P.T.’s style of marketing and promotion help YOU sell more IT services? That’s exactly what I’m going to cover in the opening-night session of the GREATEST IT SALES AND MARKETING SHOW ON EARTH! Here are just a few things you’ll discover...

  • How to break free from the “sea of sameness” so you stop struggling with fee resistance and winning new accounts. Here's a hint: It has NOTHING to do with differentiating what you do or coming up with a unique selling proposition. In fact, the answer will almost certainly surprise you.
  • How to use OUTRAGEOUS advertising to be THE talk of your town and industry, fueling FREE word-of-mouth publicity and media attention and staying in the minds of your prospects long after they’ve seen your promotion.
  • How to use the secret “art” of dramatic demonstration to dazzle clients and prospects into buying from you over your competitors.
  • The ONE THING Barnum knew people would spend their last nickel on, and how he used that to build a multimillion dollar empire.

The Magic Of Exceptional Customer Service: How To Transform Your Employees Into An Engaged, Loyal And Customer-Centric Team

As I've long-taught, MARKETING is NOT a department – and service marketing starts with the SERVICE. If your people are dispassionate, dysfunctional and simply don't "get it," your IT services business WILL suffer. That's why I'm bringing Doug Lipp BACK (he previously spoke at a Producers Club meeting and received a STANDING OVATION) with NEW ideas, NEW strategies and ACTIONABLE content you can take back to your office and instantly implement to generate a marked improvement in service all of your clients will notice. Doug's strategies are based on the same fundamentals he created during his tenure as the head of training at Disney University – principles that are, without a doubt, the best in the world on CONSISTENTLY delivering excellent customer service.

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Without a doubt, Disney holds the world’s record on consistently attracting, managing and keeping the most engaged, loyal and customer-centric employees – a critical core component of the brand’s incredible success. The experience they consistently deliver is, well, MAGICAL! That’s why millions of businesspeople flock from around the world to attend Disney University, the professional development and business consulting division of Walt Disney’s parks and resorts, trying to figure out how to bring that level of commitment, passion and excellence back to work in their own company.

Doug is an eight-time author and former head of training at the legendary Disney University. During this presentation, he will give you the Disney “secret sauce” to building an engaged, loyal team that will work to elevate your service delivery and customer experience to exciting new levels you never thought possible!

He’ll cover the four components at the heart of Disney’s culture: Innovate. Support. Educate. Entertain. He’ll reveal how they consistently uphold the brand’s commitment to “doing the ordinary in an extraordinary fashion.”

A Special Session For New Members:How To Overcome Procrastination, Overwhelm And Other Obstacles To Implement Productive Marketing Oil Wells For Consistent Growth

During this special session, Ringmaster Robin will step you through the exact process to end procrastination, push past hesitation and finally get yourself to CONSISTENTLY IMPLEMENT the marketing systems and processes in the Toolkit. No more uncertainty! No more start-stop-start-stop-itis! No more unproductive overwhelm and not knowing where to begin! LIVE from the center ring, she’ll reveal her magical elixir for turning struggling, stagnant IT services businesses into extraordinary successes in ridiculously short periods of time, generating FAST CASH SURGES and huge wins unlike anything they’ve ever seen before!

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A “three-ring circus” is a term used to describe a situation of complete confusion and chaos, with multiple tumultuous acts happening simultaneously, each demanding your immediate attention. Just another day at the office, huh?

The stress and chaos of it all is why most business owners never make any real money, never elevate to truly “owning” the business and never break free from being small – and that’s what I’m going to address during this session. After all, what good is having an abundance of good ideas, money-making opportunities and productive strategies if you can’t – or won’t – consistently implement them? During this session I’ll reveal:

  • My personal “extreme productivity” blueprint that has enabled me to put millions of dollars in my pocket without massive risk, without having to hire and manage a HUGE staff or suffer 80+ hour workweeks.
  • Secrets to SPEED and setting up productive Marketing Oil Wells that fuel growth on autopilot. If you’re constantly wondering, “What campaign should I do next?” you’re taking the entirely WRONG approach to marketing, working waaaay harder than you should.
  • The core fundamentals of wildly successful marketing, selling and profitable growth boiled down to simple, tangible concepts you can take home and immediately implement. Success in business CAN be simple, IF you know what key drivers to focus on and what NOT to be distracted by.
  • SPECIAL GUEST PANEL: During this session I’ll invite a few of my newest rock-star MSP clients to talk about how they got away from being the lead tech or “operator” and quickly evolved to head of sales and marketing, making exponential leaps in sales, profits and MRR.

Million-Dollar Marketing Blueprints For MSPsSee 5 Of Our Most Successful MSP Clients Reveal The Best Marketing And Sales-Generating Campaigns They've Implemented In Our "Better Your Best" Session

Year after year, this is THE session that has attendees most excited to watch. During this session, five of our most successful, fastest-growing and most profitable clients will GIVE YOU, in great detail, the single most effective marketing, sales and client-getting campaigns they've implemented to date in their business – and YOU get to take them home to use in YOUR business. Don't overlook that these presentations will be delivered by real CEOs of IT services firms who know what it's like to run and grow an IT services company and deal with the never-ending challenges, overwhelm, problems and setbacks you face each and every day. THIS ALONE IS WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION!

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Imagine coming home with a dozen or more PROVEN campaigns that have already been field-tested and designed to deliver; that's EXACTLY what you'll get from this session alone. Instead of spending countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure out what's working, you can get it all served up on a silver platter, ready to use the MINUTE you get back to the office. AND you'll take home copies of all the campaigns, pricing strategies, essays and materials they submit as exhibits, which you can instantly apply to fuel your company's growth.

The "9-Pillar" Formula To Quickly Remove Any And All Obstacles In Your Business For FAST, Profitable Growth

If you have HIGH HOPES of growing your business to make more money, enjoy more freedom and have a better life, but feel like your DROWNING every day with a million things to do…problems, setbacks, challenges and unfinished work piling up…never getting to do the things you WANT to do or know you SHOULD be doing…never making any real progress because you're constantly getting held back with an ENDLESS number of things going wrong and people throwing tacks under your tires…NOTHING SEEMS EASY…this session is going to clear the path for you.

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Mike Agugliaro went from being a broke, burned-out electrician working out of his house, overwhelmed, overworked and grossly underpaid, to the founder of a $32 million dollar home services business he recently sold for a higher-than-industry-average multiple. He also became an 8th level black belt and founder of a martial art system, keynote speaker and business coach who has helped other businesses become more successful.

How did he do it? NOT by reading all the classic self-help business books on planning and time management, but inventing a “9-Pillar Formula” for quickly identifying the “sticking point” in your business – be it with employees, marketing, vendors, strategy, cash flow - and resolving it fast to gain REAL TRACTION, accomplishing more in 10 years than most people accomplish in a lifetime.

How To Research Your Target Market To Know Exactly What To Sell Them, How To Sell Them

Imagine being able to read your prospects’ minds to know exactly what will motivate them to take your call, request a consultation and buy your services. Imagine knowing precisely how to structure, package and present your services to maximize sales and minimize misunderstandings and the sales resistance that comes with it. Imagine knowing – without any shadow of a doubt – exactly what words to put on your website, blog, in your marketing materials and in other communications to attract and convert your IDEAL prospect. Essentially words converted into cash and customers.

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Sounds wonderful, right? But HOW does one go about discovering what those magical words are? That is what I’m going to cover, in detail, with a step-by-step process in this session.

Companies have wasted MILLIONS of dollars on failed marketing and communications because they didn’t understand the prospect they were selling to and failed to properly communicate to their chosen target market. Sure they understood the demographics of the person, but they grossly overlooked and misunderstood the hidden desires and emotional factors that drove their decisions. They failed to “enter the conversation already going on in their mind,” as the late, great Claude Hopkins would say, and paid a dear price in being completely ignored, met with disdain and indifference.
The good news is that there IS a process and a science behind this – and during my session, I will deliver it to you. This is the same process I’ve used for YEARS to create mega-hit campaigns like the Bad Date letter and the Godfather campaign. Yes, you have these campaigns and you might even have used them – but now you’ll know WHY they work and how to go about scientifically researching ANY target market to deeply understand what they desperately want to buy so you can align yourself perfectly with their wants and desires, creating massive fee elasticity and unlocking a veritable flood of new prospects who want to give you money. During my session I’ll reveal:

  • The hidden “e-factors” (emotional factors) that drive all buying decisions when selling B2B. You MUST know what these are and LOOK for them because prospects won’t blatantly tell you what they are, and often will HIDE their real motives for fear of looking childish, foolish or silly.
  • The “Client of the Month” newsletter strategy that will not only get clients to cheerfully “spill the beans” about the REAL reasons they bought from you, but also allow you to secure INCREDIBLY POWERFUL case studies and testimonials to use in your marketing.
  • How to determine what your clients (and prospects) value MOST so it becomes incredibly clear what your USP is or SHOULD be.
  • Why you CANNOT trust online surveys and other “research” reports about your target market. Most are horribly misleading, with incomplete data, stating opinions as facts, leading you in the wrong direction.

How To Run A Profitable "3-Ring SALES Circus" With Confidence And Ease

The #1 reason for failure in business is an empty pipeline of prospects wanting to give you money. It’s just that simple. But hiring a horde of salespeople to fill that pipeline with the two-part training of “Good luck” and “Hang in there” is NOT the right way to go about resolving the problem. Yes, you have to hire the right people…and yes, you need to manage them. But MOST importantly, you need to have a reliable process for managing your salesperson’s activities and pipeline to set proper expectations and guarantee their success. Otherwise you’re playing a very expensive and frustrating game of blind archery and hope that will put you in an endless cycle of starting over, getting nowhere fast.

Click Here For More Details

During this session I’ll deliver a deep dive into SALES PIPELINE MANAGEMENT – specifically, what it is, what metrics to track and measure, and how to use it to accurately forecast what your sales will be this month, this quarter and this year with absolutely certainty.

During this session, I’ll give you:

  • A simple overview of what a sales pipeline is, what metrics to track and how to use those metrics to set up every rep you hire for success.
  • How to manage by ACTIVITY so you’ll know well in advance if your new salesperson is going to be a profitable, productive addition to your team or a slug who simply sucks up your time, money and resources, so you can get rid of them sooner rather than later.
  • Sales productivity tools and CRM strategies to track what your sales rep is doing all day and provide insights into what’s working, what’s not and where your biggest opportunities are.
  • How to strategically analyze your pipeline metrics to spot the precise areas where your sales process is falling apart, as well as areas where you can drastically improve your profitability and ROI on all marketing and sales activities.

Secrets Of "Psychic Selling" Revealed

Imagine having the ability to “read” a prospect’s mind…to know exactly what they are thinking…to be able to pick up on subtle signals they’re sending out to know if you’re on track, building rapport and trust, making progress on the sale, or WAAAY off track, “losing” them…and then using that knowledge to elegantly persuade them to your point of view, melting their objections like snowflakes on a hot skillet, causing them to comply with your wishes so willingly, so eagerly, others will think it’s witchcraft!

Click Here For More Details

Yes, it IS possible…and when you learn exactly how it’s done in this special, never-seen-before session with Dave Dee, we URGE YOU to use these powers only for good! Dave is a highly skilled and accomplished “mentalist,” trained in the art and science of the “cold read,” a technique used by psychics to get people to reveal their thoughts and to give the appearance of being able to read their minds.

During this presentation, Dave will share with you how to use time-tested “cold reading” techniques of conversational hypnosis, subliminal suggestion and proven persuasion techniques to instantly “see” into people’s thoughts and emotions, develop fast rapport, uncover buying motives and guide them to buying WITHOUT high-pressure closing tactics that put people on edge and break trust.

SIDE NOTE FROM ROBIN: While you might initially be turned off by this idea of using “cold read” tactics, thinking such shenanigans are used only by scam artists and charlatans, I would encourage you to keep an open mind. These skills are the SAME skills used by top negotiations experts like Chris Voss and are ones I’ve taught and used in sales situations to deeply LISTEN to and UNDERSTAND the person you’re selling to so you can better connect with them, build trust and HELP THEM. Yes, you could use these same strategies for evil – but that does not negate them as tools that should never be used.

Building A Magnetic Brand

Join 5-time Emmy Award–winning director Nick Nanton as he reveals never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes film clips from his interviews with thought leaders across many walks of business and life (Tony Robbins, Rudy Ruettiger, Larry King, Mark Cuban, Lisa Nichols, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Nido Qubein and many more!). These clips are the distilled wisdom from more than 1,000 hours of interviews and are the keys Nick has learned to building a brand that brings clients to you!

The Secret To Double Referrals, Triple Retention And Increase Sales!

Do you want to know the easiest way to double any business? The secret is to get each client to bring a friend. In this session, Shaun is going to share the steps you need to take to generate new referred clients on autopilot. In addition to strategies and tactics to get more referrals, he will take you behind the scenes of a multimillion-dollar referral campaign and show you how swiping and deploying this campaign for your own business will be one of the most profitable things you will do all year long.

Panel with Mark and Jeff

A Panel Of Top-Performing Members
Moderated By Jeff Johnson And Mark ShehanHow To Get Out Of Overwhelm And Procrastination In Implementing The Toolkit

If you are NOT perfectly happy with the progress you've made in implementing the Toolkit, NOT satisfied with the growth and stability of your client base or NOT completely confident in your ability to develop marketing oil wells that consistently attract the quantity and quality of clients you want, then this is one breakout session you don't want to miss!

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In this session, Jeff Johnson and Mark Shehan will interview five of our members who decided to dust off the Toolkit on their shelf and implement...FAST! In just 90 DAYS, each of these members accomplished more than most members do in YEARS. And guess what? They got MASSIVE RESULTS! Join us during this special breakfast session to see the exact step-by-step processes they followed and learn more about how you can follow in their footsteps to do the same in your business.

How To Prepare Your Business To Be Sold At A Premium Valuation

Dan recently sold 70% of his business for a high valuation, 8-figure price tag. He learned many valuable lessons and best practices during this process that every business owner can benefit from hearing.

Join him during this one time only special session where he will reveal:

  • The 5 KPI's you NEED to be tracking and improving NOW to maximize your business valuation almost instantaneously
  • 4 key areas of your business you MUST be focused on to ensure that you're building a business built for maximum valuation (while not sacrificing your earnings today)
  • The top 3 strategies to increase the profitability in your business
  • How to know when it's the right time to cash in and get out!

If you are even thinking of selling your MSP business in the next 3-5 years, this is one breakout session you don't want to miss!

How To Get Your Infusionsoft Automation Completely Done FOR YOU

How often do you hear yourself saying, "No, I haven't set up Infusionsoft; I've been meaning to! I just haven't because of {fill in the blank}."

You got (or are hoping to get) Robin's Infusionsoft because you wanted to save massive time with automation while cranking up your marketing to start getting more leads and sales. And while we fully build out all of our clients' Infusionsoft applications, complete with Robinized campaigns, MSP-specific settings, full workflows and more, there is still setup and customization that our clients need to do, which takes time and effort. Want one of our experts to just do it for you?

Click Here For More Details

We have a BRAND-NEW service that provides you with your own mini Infusionsoft Sherpa to do all of the Infusionsoft work for you. Join us at this session where we will introduce our Sherpa services, which will take the Infusionsoft setup completely off your plate so you can relax, knowing that your automation is running and working flawlessly.

The List-Building Secrets That Are Helping Members Triple Their Marketing ROI

During this session, Barry Starr will cover the basics of building and managing a high-quality list of clients, leads and prospects for marketing. He will also reveal some of the secrets our more successful members are using to build their lists the "right way" and in the process generate off-the-charts results that are literally tripling the ROI of their marketing dollars

Click Here For More Details

Some of the topics discussed will include:

  • The 5 worst mistakes we see MSPs make when building a marketing list. Make these mistakes and you are guaranteed to burn your hard-earned marketing dollars.
  • The ONE thing you should do to your list before marketing to it: do not spend a dime on any marketing campaign until you do this one thing.
  • The three EASY steps to guarantee your marketing gets delivered to the prospect you want, not thrown away unread or undelivered.

How To Use A Book To Gain Greater Authority, Credibility And Trust With New Prospects

Being the author of a book is powerful, authoritative and gives you a credibility-building "business card" in your sales and marketing arsenal. It's the best sales letter you'll ever develop and it allows you to promote yourself, your business and your point of view without appearing to sell anything. Further, it enables you to easily get FREE press coverage, get promoted by others and be in high demand for speaking engagements.

During this breakout session, Jeff Johnson will reveal exactly how to write and self-publish a book of your own, along with the secrets he has learned in publishing 6 Amazon best sellers with our members under the TechnologyPress book imprint!

How To Turn Up The Volume On Your Infusionsoft Automation

Do you feel like you are only scratching the surface of Infusionsoft and the ways you can use it to automate workflows and marketing? Do you want to see real-life examples of how other MSPs are maximizing this powerful tool? Do you want to learn about BRAND-NEW features, plug-ins and more that help you do more and better "push-button" marketing? There are a ton of NEW updates, announcements, features and more that we want to show you in this session. If you are using Infusionsoft, then DO NOT MISS this session!! You will leave with oodles of fresh and exciting new ideas for your automation tool.

How To Build And Manage A Highly Productive Sales Team For Your MSP Business

During this informative breakout session, Robin's very own rock star VP of Sales, Gene Sieders, will uncover how to build and manage a productive sales team. Gene's super-effective systems are based on 3 key "musts": 1) An organized selling team is a productive selling team, 2) You must set firm goals for your team and provide support to lead them toward those goals, and 3) You must create a high-performing sales culture.

If you are managing a sales team (or planning to develop your sales team in 2019), this is one breakout session you don't want to miss!

Creating A Shock-And-Awe Box That Positions You As A Trusted Authority And Not Just Another IT Guy

If you're NOT currently sending a Shock-And-Awe box to prospects you wish to close, YOU'RE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE! These custom-branded and personalized boxes become your secret weapon that helps WIN BUSINESS by creating a spectacular and unforgettable impression.

In this session, Aaron Leicht will cover what a Shock-And-Awe box is, how to create your own and how it will help you and your sales team to overcome objections, build trust and credibility, and make the sales process go a lot smoother. Done right, it will allow you to position yourself as the most credible, trustworthy IT services provider in your market and elevate your position from "IT guy" to trusted advisor.

How To Set Up Push Button Marketing
In Your MSP Business

Have you given up on the idea of marketing automation in your business?

One of the most critical components of growing your business is to get marketing out the door consistently. If you are like most MSPs, your marketing is disorganized, chaotic and lackluster at best - but finding the time and resources to devote to setting up a system and process for marketing is daunting.

You will leave this session with a step-by-step plan to avoid working your tail off for crappy, unqualified leads that make you work twice as hard for minimal results. Technology Marketing Toolkit’s own Danny Hawman will show you how to take the work and headache out of implementing your marketing and create a push button system for follow up and getting more sales.

Infusionsoft Implementation Deep Dive A Special Session For Our Infusionsoft Clients

Exclusive implementation workshop for Robin's Infusionsoft clients ONLY! Join Robin's 2 Infusionsoft Ninjas as we take you through this hands-on, special automation training to help you master Infusionsoft to get the most out of your powerful marketing tool. We will invite you to "get your hands dirty" with us as we workshop through things like…

Click Here For More Details
  • Tips, tricks and best practices for managing and segmenting your database in Infusionsoft
  • Cranking up the heat on your automation with advanced campaigns
  • LAUNCHING a powerful automation campaign in class

Plus, you'll get a chance to snag one-on-one time with Robin's Infusionsoft Ninjas so we can help you with all of your automation questions. Bring your laptop, your Infusionsoft login and your Infusionsoft questions, and channel your Infusion-nerd as we play with automation together.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Membership And Maximize The Benefits Of Being In An Accountability Group A Special Session For Our Accelerators Members

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between your Success Scorecard results and the rate of growth of your business? Upon reviewing the scores, we've noticed, the higher the score, the higher the rate of growth, especially MRR.

During this session, Mark will go over the Success Scorecard and work through each section, sharing strategies and ongoing tactics members can use to increase their individual scores. By the end of the session every member will have an action plan to increase their score already underway. During this workshop, each participant will send out appointment requests, a targeted campaign, some form of drip marketing, and will create a framework for Q2 goal setting and planning.

If you are determined to grow your business in 2019, this is one session that Accelerators Club members cannot afford to miss!

More Breakouts And Featured Sessions Coming Soon

Meet Football Legend
Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning

Step right up and MEET a legend – the one and only Peyton Manning! He is considered to be the greatest quarterback of all time, holding multiple NFL records, including being the ONLY starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two franchises. Peyton knows how to WIN and what it takes to be a CHAMPION, a GIANT among GIANTS, with an ability to overcome crushing setbacks and forceful competition…to remain focused and productive in moments of INTENSE psychological pressure…to push past physical pain and limitations…and CONSISTENTLY WIN.

"Boot Camp Is Where
It All Clicked"
Tom Lambotte, GlobalMacIT"I'm so glad that I found Boot Camp. It was such a splurge for me the first time that I attended. The Boot Camp allowed me to dust off the Managed Services Blueprint that I hadn't really put in place and Boot Camp is where it all clicked and I finally got it."
Tom Lambotte, GlobalMacIT
"There's No Risk With
Robin's Guarantee"
Scott Spiro, Computer Solutions Group"Get out of your office. Get a different angle. It just changes everything. There's no risk at all with Robin's money back guarantee. The worst thing that can happen is you change your business for the better."
Scott Spiro, Computer Solutions Group
"The Vendors You Bring To Us Alone Are Worth It"
Ikram Massabini, MVP Networks"Being at Boot Camp with all of the vendors that you bring in alone is worth it. You get to see new technologies and different vendors all at once. You can step outside the box and talk with others in your industry. I don't get to talk this way to others in my area that I consider competition. It makes a big difference. Invest the money, because you're investing
in yourself!"
Ikram Massabini, MVP Networks
"Must Attend Event If You're Serious About Your IT Business"
Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks LLC"This will be my 6th Boot Camp! If you are serious about your business and want sane sustainable growth in your IT business you need to make it to Robin's IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp."
Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks LLC
"Made Me Realize That I Don't Have To Reinvent The Wheel To Increase Sales"
Howard Globus, IT On Demand"I did my first boot camp as a virtual attendee when it came to be as a bonus from one of my vendors. After watching that event I decided I needed to be in the room to see it live. You get to see and hear the speakers and meet vendors. But even more importantly, you get to meet and speak with SO MANY different people who are all over the country (and the world) and you get to hear their ideas and challenges and you get some good advice and ideas and then finally, you realize that you're not alone and don't have to reinvent the wheel each and every time you want to try and make a sale."
Howard Globus, IT On Demand
"I Could Have Left After The First Day And It Would Have Been Worth Every Penny I Paid"
"I drove all night to attend Boot Camp and it's exceeded my expectations. I came simply hoping that I would get something out of it that would be beneficial to me, but after the end of the first day I had so much information, so much knowledge, so many people to turn to, so many more pieces of the puzzle that I didn't even know existed, that if I would have left after the first day it would've been worth every penny paid. This Boot Camp has really helped me get a clear understanding of what I need to do to transform my business. I would absolutely recommend Robin and her Boot Camp – and I'm not typically somebody that gushes or gives glowing recommendations; but the people that I have met and the information I've gained is leaving me speechless. Just the quality of the individuals that are here are truly mind-boggling."
Greg Stier, Business Advantage Systems & Networks Inc.
"I'm Extremely Impressed"
"I'm absolutely thrilled with what I'm learning here at the Boot Camp. I've been in marketing and sales most of my life, but what this conference has given me is the direction, process and confidence to really implement it. Overall I've been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of content, and it's nice to hang out with my peers who have already been successful in implementing a working marketing plan for their business – you learn a lot from that. Now that we've got the marketing tools, there's nothing holding us back."
Jim Denton, Tulsa Cash Register
"The Money We Spent To Get Here Is Insignificant Compared To The Value"
Patrick Fisher"Robin's Boot Camp is absolutely phenomenal, and from a price-point perspective the tuition is actually free when you compare it to what you get. The money spent here is insignificant compared to the value, information and takeaways we've received. Any IT business owner wanting to grow their business needs to attend – and that goes double in a tough economy, dealing with clients who don't want to spend any money on IT. That's why this conference has been so terrific. I mean, the marketing campaigns, the new ideas, networking with our peers and the speakers and content are definitely a must-see."
Patrick Fisher, The Vericom Group
"If You Feel Lost, Then You NEED To Be Here"
"This is my third conference with Robin and the sessions just keep getting better! What I've gained from coming to these conferences is not only giving me a chance to step away from my company and think about marketing, which I have not done for 21 years, but another benefit I didn't even expect – that is the ability to hang out and talk to all my peers – guys that have the same issues and problems and are trying to do the same thing I'm doing – and sharing what's working. Robin really attracts a good crowd; there's a level of transparency, honesty and support that I just never had any idea I'd be getting. The way that technology is changing and evolving and where it's going, it's giving me a clear vision of where I need to take my company to go forward. If you feel like a lost fish when it comes to marketing or growing your IT business, you need to be here. Not only will you get clarity on how to solve your biggest problems, but you'll learn some fresh, new and exciting ways to grow and market your business. For me, this lifted a lot of pressure and stress I had and cleared up a lot of confusion for me."
Richard Criste, Graymar Business Solutions
"Lot Of Meat For Your Money"
"Should you register for Robin's Boot Camp? In a word, absolutely! Especially for tech business owners that aren't really focused on marketing, because it's a great way to take your business to a whole other level. Robin talks in specifics, so you really get a lot of meat for your money."
Don Quick, The Vericom Group
"I Wholeheartedly Recommend Robin's Boot Camp"
Howard Cunningham"I would wholeheartedly recommend Robin and attending her Boot Camp. The problem we have as techies is we're not advertising or marketing people. Robin's not a computer person, but she is one hell of a marketing person, and that's what I'm learning from her – specifically how to market to my clients. And all I care about is getting the phone to ring. We've gotten 6 new clients since the first of the year as a direct result of Robin's marketing programs, and this is in a down economy."
Howard Cunningham, Macro Systems, LLC