The Countdown Is On for the 2020
IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp!

2020 Boot Camp Speakers

More speakers to be announced and a detailed schedule will be provided for registrants.

Dozens Of Incredible Speakers, Over 50 Sessions,
65+ Vendors And 1000+ MSPs And IT Services CEOs
At The "Main Event"!

Opening Night In The Ring!NEW: Shocking State Of The Industry UpdateHow To Protect Yourself (And Profit!) From The Coming IT Services Industry Trends, Tribulations And Turmoil

Former pro hockey player Wayne Gretzky, nicknamed “The Great One” and considered by many to be the most accomplished player of all time, attributed his success to one single strategy; he said, “I skate to where the puck is GOING to be, not where it has been.”

FAR too many MSPs and IT services businesses are still lagging behind in their offerings, their business model and their services, skating to where the puck has been, not only making them unprepared and ill-positioned to take advantage of the crazy demand for certain services, but also vulnerable to losing clients to aggressive competitors who ARE prepared for where the market demand is heading. You don’t want to get caught behind these trends!

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The decisions you make in the next 12 months will be CRITICAL for your IT services business. Will you be brilliantly prepared or caught off guard, flat-footed and unable to catch up? The time to prepare is NOW. Here are just a few things you’ll discover...

  • The services you MUST be offering within the next 12 months or risk losing even your most loyal clients to your competition. (Hint: Your clients are going to be required by law to buy these services – if you’re not offering them, they will be forced to go to your competitors who are.)
  • Profit-doubling services that are ultra-sticky, ultra-profitable and in HIGH demand. You want to lead with these when marketing for new clients so you can take business away from your slow-to-adapt competitors who are asleep at the switch.
  • Hidden and growing dangers every MSP and IT services firm must be diligent about or risk closing their doors and going into financial ruin.

New And Advanced Double Session With Robin Robins:The Ultimate Secret To Generating More QUALIFIED Leads Who Are Determined To Buy From You Regardless Of Price

Boxing Gloves

Are you fed up with trying to get prospects to see the value in IT and your services? Are you frustrated by people dismissing your recommendations as “frivolous” or unnecessary, arguing with you over why they “need all of that” or demanding you cheapen your proposal? Does it grind your gears that clients don’t take your advice seriously regarding backups, cyber security, compliance, upgrades and the importance of investing in IT, when you KNOW they should be thanking you and overly eager to get started on your recommendations to protect their own hide?

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Then THIS is a presentation you won’t want to miss.

I’m going to give you the exact formula…a blueprint…for creating influential marketing assets that combat indifference, fee resistance, sales objections, procrastination and stubborn, stupid, irrational choices your clients and prospects routinely make.

Best of all, I’ll GIVE you multiple templates you can “cut and paste” to instantly use when you get back to your office so your next face-to-face sales meeting is easy and effortless…where you WALK IN TO A PROPERLY EDUCATED AND PREPARED BUYER who doesn't need a lot of “convincing.”

WHAT THIS IS NOT: This is also NOT about just creating a USP and differentiating yourself from your competition. That only becomes important once they have DECICDED to buy, and they are determining who to buy from. I’m going to show you how to GET them ready to buy…to open their eyes and their mind to talking to you even when they think they are “fine” and have no obvious, immediate need. THIS is a key strategy that is very advanced and one I’ve done for clients, but never revealed at this level, in this depth.

You’ll discover:

  • The single most powerful way to kill objections so you never have to deal with them in your face-to-face sales presentations. (If you are getting sales objections in your face-to-face meetings, you’re doing this WRONG or not at all.)
  • The 3-step “Al Capone” secret to influence (WITHOUT a gun, of course!) that will open the floodgates to people wanting to do business with you and give you money.
  • A formula for creating influential marketing collateral (articles, reports, letters, videos, audio, presentations, etc.) that do the heavy lifting of building value, erasing objections and lowering fee resistance so your prospects are MORE QUALIFIED and READY TO BUY, making it infinitely easier and faster to close a deal.

A Special Session For NEW Members With Robin Robins:The 4 Essential Marketing Oil Wells To Double Your IT Services Sales, Profits And MRR In 12 Months

Oil Wells

How many marketing campaigns do you need to grow your business and get the MRR, sales and profits you want? Ten? Twenty? More? The choices can overwhelm you to the point of doing nothing.

That’s why we’ve spent the last year simplifying, testing and refining a marketing plan that has ALL the fluff, fat and extras cut out of it, leaving only the most essential and most powerful marketing systems in place. Now you don’t need to waste ANY time or extra effort – just run these 4 systems and you’ll see your business take off. Best of all, you can dial them up or down based on how many clients you want at any given time. And because they are SYSTEMS, you DON’T HAVE TO CONSTANTLY RECREATE THE WHEEL or think about what to do next. Just click, whirl and repeat.

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During this special session, Heavyweight Marketing Champion Robin Robins will personally step you through the exact process of implementing these 4 campaigns.

You’ll get everything you need – the flow charts, campaign templates and step-by-step formulas for getting them implemented and up and running. If you’re struggling to “get it all done” or with where to start, THIS session alone will be worth the trip to Boot Camp.

George Foreman
George Foreman

Champion, Salesman, EntrepreneurMeet 2-Time Heavyweight Champion, Multimillionaire Salesman And Genius Entrepreneur, George Foreman

George Foreman Grill

There’s a very good chance you’ve bought George Foreman’s Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine, either for yourself or someone else. Roughly one in ten Americans have. What makes this story even more amazing is that the grill he made so popular (and that made him MILLIONS) was nothing more than an ordinary kitchen device he didn’t invent that had been languishing on department store shelves for YEARS before George worked his marketing magic on it.

Although it’s never been officially confirmed just how much money George made from the endorsement, it is known that Salton, Inc., paid him $138 million in 1999 to buy out the right to use his name. Previous to that he was being paid roughly 45% of the profits on each grill sold, earning him an estimated $4.5 million a month in payouts at its peak, for a projected total of over $200 million – the second-largest endorsement deal in sports marketing history, behind only Michael Jordan’s Nike contract.

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From a MARKETING standpoint, very few people have been able to create the iconic status, popularity and marketplace awareness that George created for himself. Very few companies – let alone individuals – have been able to sell as many products in as short a period as he has or developed the same level of market penetration and “household brand power” for a product. He did this intentionally – NOT by accident – manufacturing a very likable persona, connecting with his fans, playing up for reporters and making himself FAMOUS. Therefore, his methods, his story and his approach are an absolute must-study for any marketer, salesman or entrepreneur.

George also earned extraordinary success as a boxer, winning the Heavyweight Champion title twice. He also was (and continues to hold the record for being) the oldest fighter to ever win the heavyweight title, at age 45, and is the fighter with the biggest time gap between one world championship and the next – accomplishments that required enormous grit, determination, discipline and mental toughness.

I’ve personally watched George on several programs. He was a favorite at Peter Lowe’s SUCCESS events and a HUGE hit at the GKIC event, where I last saw him speak. I have found both humor and homespun wisdom in his talks, along with a huge dose of inspiration. He’s an absolute shining example of persistence, resilience and tenacity, with a fascinating, inspirational story to tell of how he overcame numerous obstacles in his life and in business.

I’m certain you’ll walk away from his presentation motivated and inspired, along with several key takeaways and amazing stories to share with your friends and family.

Greg Crabtree
Greg Crabtree

A Special Session With Greg Crabtree, Simple Numbers:How To Turn Your IT Services Business Into A Profitable, Sustainable Wealth-Building Machine

Greg Crabtree Book

So, you’re NOT making the profits you want and you feel you should be taking home more of your hard-earned dollars – BUT WHERE DO YOU START?

Should you raise prices? Get more clients? Fire clients? Outsource some or all of your operations? Demand better performance and utilization from your techs? Focus more on marketing? Add salespeople? Comb through expenses and trim anything unnecessary? Beat up every vendor for a better price? The list of what you can do is long – but the key is knowing which of these is the RIGHT thing to do based on what the numbers are telling you.

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Problem is, most MSPs and IT services CEOs find accounting and financial metrics confusing, which is why we asked Greg Crabtree, author of Simple Numbers and founder of the financial consulting firm Crabtree, Rowe & Berger, to speak to you.

During his special two-part session, Greg will help you make sense of your business finances and accounting so you can make SMART decisions about hiring more people, pricing your services and even managing your team’s performance and output.

You’ll discover:

  • Why cutting overhead and expenses is often the entirely WRONG approach to generating higher profit margins (yet almost everyone starts here). And there is one far more insidious profit-sucking problem hiding in plain sight that Greg will reveal.
  • A profit blueprint of what you SHOULD be earning as an MSP, including what profit margins you must generate for the services you sell, how to know if your services are priced properly and other key drivers to earnings that most MSPs don’t know and never consider when trying to increase margins.
  • The CORRECT way to calculate profits that almost no CPA or accountant will tell you and that is vital to making good money decisions that are unique to an IT services business. When you learn this way of looking at your books, not only will accounting become far EASIER, but you’ll instantly know how to make better decisions on where you’re spending your money.

Meet Best-Selling Author And
Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink:The Navy SEAL Approach To Building And Leading A High-Performance Team That WINS

Jocko Willink Book

You’ve heard the phrase “Business is a team sport.” But what do you do when your “team” of employees or the people you manage don’t perform at the level you need them to? When you feel like you’re constantly begging or babysitting them to do their job right? When you can’t seem to find “good” people who show up with batteries included and do a better job than even YOU could do?

Fact is, no business owner or executive in an organization can win by babysitting or begging people to top performance – and nothing is as draining, frustrating and demoralizing as having a losing team. You must learn how to take “ordinary” or good people and lead them to win. To take full responsibility for doing the job RIGHT every time – and that’s what Jocko Willink is brilliant at.

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John “Jocko” Willink served two decades as a Navy SEAL, leading people in incredibly dangerous, high-stress, must-perform situations. It is with that experience he is now coaching top executive teams and CEOs on how to be strong, confident, competent leaders who know how to get the most out of the people they lead, through his consulting firm, Echelon Front.

During his special Saturday workshop, you’ll discover:

  • How to create a culture of high-performance standards where people take pride in their work and own complete and full responsibility for their actions and the results they produce.
  • How to make choices in difficult, complex situations where the “right” choice is not obvious, and the consequences of the wrong choice are high.
  • Mastering the dichotomy of leadership where you take full responsibility as the leader but utilize effective decentralized command, giving ownership to your team…to exhibit humility, but also to be willing to make a hard call and push back against questionable decisions that could hurt your team…and show compassion while maintaining a hard line of standards and accountability.

Messaging Expert Donald Miller
Reveals How You Can…Become Instantly Attractive
To Your Ideal Clients In 7 Easy Steps

Donald Miller Book

What if, in less than 30 seconds, you could show your ideal client how you’re different than everyone else and virtually knock-out any competition. How would that change your business?

You won’t have to fight to stand out when you use Donald Miller's simple, one-page system that allows you to become instantly attractive to your ideal clients. You’ll see how to effortlessly explain how you’ll help prospective clients solve their problems and achieve their goals and turns them into a champion.

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Donald Miller is a best-selling author, having published 10 books including Building A StoryBrand, which he’ll un-pack in this humorous, entertaining and instantly useful presentation.

During this session, Donald will show you how you can use the same system everyone from Presidential candidates to Fortune 500 companies, to small, independent start-ups have used to create a compelling message that their ideal target wants to listen to and positions you as an expert coach.

You will discover how to use this simple blueprint not just in sales meetings or on calls, but in all your marketing including how to ensure that your website becomes a major conversion engine for your business.

This is a must-attend session that will simplify how you do everything and allow you to hone in on the exact type of client you want to attract and MOST IMPORTANTLY, cause them to choose you.

Million-Dollar Marketing Blueprints For MSPsSee 5 Top-Performing Clients Reveal The Most Successful Marketing And Sales-Generating Campaigns They’ve Implemented In Our “Better Your Best” Session

Year after year, this is THE session that attendees are most excited to watch. As an attendee, you’ll get to see 5 of our most successful, fastest-growing and profitable clients GIVE YOU, in great detail, the single most effective marketing, sales and client-getting campaigns they’ve implemented to date in their business – and YOU get to take these campaigns home to use in YOUR business.

Don’t overlook that these presentations will be delivered by real CEOs of IT services firms who know what it's like to run and grow an IT services company and deal with the never-ending challenges, overwhelm, problems and setbacks you face every day. THIS ALONE IS WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION!

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Imagine coming home with a dozen or more PROVEN campaigns that have already been field-tested and designed to deliver; that’s EXACTLY what you’ll get from this session alone. Instead of spending countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to figure out what’s working, you can get it all served up on a silver platter, ready to use the MINUTE you get back to the office. AND you’ll take home copies of all the campaigns, pricing strategies, essays and materials they submit as exhibits, which you can instantly apply to fuel your company's growth.

More Breakouts And Featured Sessions Coming Soon

April 8th – 11th, 2020
The Omni Hotel
250 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

The Omni Hotel
"Boot Camp Is Where
It All Clicked"
Tom Lambotte, GlobalMacIT"I'm so glad that I found Boot Camp. It was such a splurge for me the first time that I attended. The Boot Camp allowed me to dust off the Managed Services Blueprint that I hadn't really put in place and Boot Camp is where it all clicked and I finally got it."
Tom Lambotte, GlobalMacIT
"There's No Risk With
Robin's Guarantee"
Scott Spiro, Computer Solutions Group"Get out of your office. Get a different angle. It just changes everything. There's no risk at all with Robin's money back guarantee. The worst thing that can happen is you change your business for the better."
Scott Spiro, Computer Solutions Group
"The Vendors You Bring To Us Alone Are Worth It"
Ikram Massabini, MVP Networks"Being at Boot Camp with all of the vendors that you bring in alone is worth it. You get to see new technologies and different vendors all at once. You can step outside the box and talk with others in your industry. I don't get to talk this way to others in my area that I consider competition. It makes a big difference. Invest the money, because you're investing
in yourself!"
Ikram Massabini, MVP Networks
"Must Attend Event If You're Serious About Your IT Business"
Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks LLC"This will be my 6th Boot Camp! If you are serious about your business and want sane sustainable growth in your IT business you need to make it to Robin's IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp."
Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks LLC
"Made Me Realize That I Don't Have To Reinvent The Wheel To Increase Sales"
Howard Globus, IT On Demand"I did my first boot camp as a virtual attendee when it came to be as a bonus from one of my vendors. After watching that event I decided I needed to be in the room to see it live. You get to see and hear the speakers and meet vendors. But even more importantly, you get to meet and speak with SO MANY different people who are all over the country (and the world) and you get to hear their ideas and challenges and you get some good advice and ideas and then finally, you realize that you're not alone and don't have to reinvent the wheel each and every time you want to try and make a sale."
Howard Globus, IT On Demand
"I Could Have Left After The First Day And It Would Have Been Worth Every Penny I Paid"
"I drove all night to attend Boot Camp and it's exceeded my expectations. I came simply hoping that I would get something out of it that would be beneficial to me, but after the end of the first day I had so much information, so much knowledge, so many people to turn to, so many more pieces of the puzzle that I didn't even know existed, that if I would have left after the first day it would've been worth every penny paid. This Boot Camp has really helped me get a clear understanding of what I need to do to transform my business. I would absolutely recommend Robin and her Boot Camp – and I'm not typically somebody that gushes or gives glowing recommendations; but the people that I have met and the information I've gained is leaving me speechless. Just the quality of the individuals that are here are truly mind-boggling."
Greg Stier, Business Advantage Systems & Networks Inc.
"I'm Extremely Impressed"
"I'm absolutely thrilled with what I'm learning here at the Boot Camp. I've been in marketing and sales most of my life, but what this conference has given me is the direction, process and confidence to really implement it. Overall I've been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of content, and it's nice to hang out with my peers who have already been successful in implementing a working marketing plan for their business – you learn a lot from that. Now that we've got the marketing tools, there's nothing holding us back."
Jim Denton, Tulsa Cash Register
"The Money We Spent To Get Here Is Insignificant Compared To The Value"
Patrick Fisher"Robin's Boot Camp is absolutely phenomenal, and from a price-point perspective the tuition is actually free when you compare it to what you get. The money spent here is insignificant compared to the value, information and takeaways we've received. Any IT business owner wanting to grow their business needs to attend – and that goes double in a tough economy, dealing with clients who don't want to spend any money on IT. That's why this conference has been so terrific. I mean, the marketing campaigns, the new ideas, networking with our peers and the speakers and content are definitely a must-see."
Patrick Fisher, The Vericom Group
"If You Feel Lost, Then You NEED To Be Here"
"This is my third conference with Robin and the sessions just keep getting better! What I've gained from coming to these conferences is not only giving me a chance to step away from my company and think about marketing, which I have not done for 21 years, but another benefit I didn't even expect – that is the ability to hang out and talk to all my peers – guys that have the same issues and problems and are trying to do the same thing I'm doing – and sharing what's working. Robin really attracts a good crowd; there's a level of transparency, honesty and support that I just never had any idea I'd be getting. The way that technology is changing and evolving and where it's going, it's giving me a clear vision of where I need to take my company to go forward. If you feel like a lost fish when it comes to marketing or growing your IT business, you need to be here. Not only will you get clarity on how to solve your biggest problems, but you'll learn some fresh, new and exciting ways to grow and market your business. For me, this lifted a lot of pressure and stress I had and cleared up a lot of confusion for me."
Richard Criste, Graymar Business Solutions
"Lot Of Meat For Your Money"
"Should you register for Robin's Boot Camp? In a word, absolutely! Especially for tech business owners that aren't really focused on marketing, because it's a great way to take your business to a whole other level. Robin talks in specifics, so you really get a lot of meat for your money."
Don Quick, The Vericom Group
"I Wholeheartedly Recommend Robin's Boot Camp"
Howard Cunningham"I would wholeheartedly recommend Robin and attending her Boot Camp. The problem we have as techies is we're not advertising or marketing people. Robin's not a computer person, but she is one hell of a marketing person, and that's what I'm learning from her – specifically how to market to my clients. And all I care about is getting the phone to ring. We've gotten 6 new clients since the first of the year as a direct result of Robin's marketing programs, and this is in a down economy."
Howard Cunningham, Macro Systems, LLC