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Here's What Boot Camp Attendees Are Saying
About Robin Robins And The Event

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“We’ll Be Back Every Year!”
Chris Adams, CCA Technology“One of the best breakouts at Boot Camp was the QBR breakout. We received so much valuable information from that single hour. We put it into practice immediately and picked up the AudIT software package that many had mentioned. Sitting down for QBRs and having the right tool helped us close a new piece of business within a week at $2900/month and $24,000 in project work. This more than paid for AudIT and Bootcamp in a single event. We’ll be back every year!”

Chris Adams, CCA Technology
“Instant ROI”
Joe Korb, CCA Technology“After attending Robin Robins’s Boot Camp, the first take-away that we implemented resulted in closing a deal worth $2500/month in new MRR plus a $20,000+ project. Instant ROI.”

Joe Korb, CCA Technology
“So Much Information And Motivation In A Few Days!”
Jill Eaton, Sweetwater Technology“What an event! It's so much information and motivation packed in only a few days! Robin is amazing and I wonder if she sleeps?”

Jill Eaton, Sweetwater Technology
“One Of The Most Inspiring Events Of My Life”
Paul Monroe, ITechCare 24/7“I’m so happy that Aaron convinced me to join Accelerators and get those boot camp tickets. That was one of the most inspiring events of my life. Soooo good! I’ve been struggling trying to figure out what was the one thing that I learned that I can start doing right away. I don’t have that answer because there were so many things. But if I was forced to answer the question, I would just have to say “Get off your ass and just do it”! Start executing. And I will do just that.”

Paul Monroe, ITechCare 24/7
“Boot Camp Inspired My Wife To Take An Active Part In Our Marketing!”
Larry Forsyth, Larry The Computer Guy“Thank you for all the hard work that you and your team put into Boot Camp. It was awesome, and very much appreciated. My wife is also a fiery redhead with limited filters before her first cup of coffee or before 11:00 am. She just loved the presentations and as soon as we got home, she began watching all your videos and has decided to take an active part in our company marketing. I brought her to Boot Camp because I have been encouraging her for a long time to get involved in marketing. Thanks for inspiring her.”

Larry Forsyth, Larry The Computer Guy
“Don’t Let This Pass You By!”
Chris Hoose, Choose Networks, Inc.“If you own an MSP and you have never attended this event, don't let another one pass you by. Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. have had an indescribable impact on me, my team, and my company. If you considered it for a second, sign up now before you change your mind!!”

Chris Hoose, Choose Networks, Inc.
"Boot Camp Was A Wealth Of Knowledge!"
April Painter, Burk I.T."We had 3 team members attend: owner, marketing manager and sales. Every one of us learned something from the event. It’s well-organized with fantastic speakers sharing a wealth of knowledge!"

April Painter, Burk I.T.
"So Much Great Content We Put To Work As Soon As
We Got Home!"
Adam Peterson, Real IT Solutions, Inc."Boot Camp was great! We learned a lot like we always do when attending Robin’s events. We went back home and immediately began working on all of the valuable take-aways we got from each presenter."

Adam Peterson, Real IT Solutions, Inc.
"Totally Worth The Trip From Australia"
AustraliaDamien Pepper, DSP Electronics"Travelling from Australia, there is always the question in the back of your mind “am I going to get value in time spent?” It is safe to say that the answer is ‘yes’ and I know that will continue. This year the biggest take away is ‘Traction.’ I had been struggling with trying to implement ‘Scaling Up’ and I believe that ‘Traction’ is positioned better for my size business. Our accountability group has agreed to implement over the next 3 months. It’s great to come away with real strategies and action items."

Damien Pepper, DSP Electronics
"So Good, I Can’t Wait For Next Year!"
Keith W. Horne Jr., Enterprise Backup, Inc."Boot camp was awesome. I came with a list of things to accomplish and marked off every item. I'm already looking forward to next year!"

Keith W. Horne Jr., Enterprise Backup, Inc.
"Great Speakers With Beneficial Content For Everyone"
Catherine Wendt, Syscon, Inc."Great lineup of speakers; my techs were very impressed to see my picture with Kevin Mitnick! With varying roles and interests in attendance, the speakers were able to deliver quality content that benefitted everyone."

Catherine Wendt, Syscon, Inc.
"This Event Gets Better And Better Every Time I Go!"
Paul Riendeau, Southern New England Computer Services"Our growth has been great every year and we are disciplined using the Toolkit. I brought my sales manager and marketing director so they could see Robin in person. I think she is one of the smartest people I have ever met and I respect her because she does not just market, she gets our business running right first! I think any IT business owners who don't see value in attending this event have got to be crazy; It gets better every time I go!"

Paul Riendeau, Southern New England Computer Services
"I’m Walking Away With A Ton Of Information!"
Christopher Bartosz, FVC Technologies, Inc."The speakers never disappoint! Gino Wickman was awesome and while I have read and implemented part of his book, hearing him explain it just made it click. Interacting with vendors and other professionals like me is also a huge plus. I’m walking away with a ton of information and even if some of it I have heard before, the refresher is a huge motivator to dig in and do the work!"

Christopher Bartosz, FVC Technologies, Inc.
"Every Year Brings Newer And Better Information"
Barbara Dawson, Kamind Cloud Solution Advisors"I appreciate that you are always exposing us to newer and better speakers, topics and ideas. This year hit on so many important aspects with presentations on security, sales and running a business. Keep planning future Bootcamps as good as this one!"

Barbara Dawson, Kamind Cloud Solution Advisors
"Bootcamp Is By Far The Best Industry Event
I’ve Been To!"
Roy Richardson, Aurora InfoTech, LLC"I’ve been to many technology conferences during the course of my career, but Boot Camp was by far the best! The knowledge shared, the quality of the presenters, the atmosphere and experience – just a great event overall. Congratulations Robin & Team!"

Roy Richardson, Aurora InfoTech, LLC
"Boot Camp Was EPIC!"
Cathy Szymanski"Another great Boot Camp! We realize it takes a team, and you are very fortunate to have the team in place that you do. Thank you for helping us GROW our business and for giving us this EPIC event each year to recharge our batteries!"

Cathy Szymanski, Szymanski Consulting
"To Anyone Who Isn't Sure If It's Worth It, Plan To Be Here Next Year!"
Mike Werth Testimonial"For years I had been indecisive about Boot Camp. I finally went this year and man, was I an idiot to not have gone before! I spent Wednesday afternoon talking to vendors, and the trip was successful before the first session even started. I found products to fill a couple of huge gaps in our offerings. We're not even done yet, and I'm sold. To anyone who isn't sure if it's worth it, plan to be here next year!"

Mike Werth, Shamrock Network Technologies, LLC
"The Best Conference I Have Ever Been To"
Matt Rose Testimonial"If you missed the recent Boot Camp, you missed a hell of a show. This was by far the best conference I have ever been to. My takeaways are too long to list but the personal productivity sessions helped me to get laser focused on growing my business. I fully plan to drive that car away myself!"

Matt Rose, VM Squared
"Definitely Worth The Trip!"
Brandon Johnson Testimonial"This year's Boot Camp was incredible! The production was first class, the speakers world class and the information was incredibly valuable. Definitely worth the trip! For someone who just purchased the Toolkit, I think coming to Boot Camp really helped me jump start my marketing and I'm very excited to get started implementing your strategies. I have been looking for you since the first day I was hired to help launch IPQuest into Alabama. I only wished I would have pursued your Toolkit after I heard you on the Entreleadership podcast 3 years ago! Thank you for everything!"

Brandon Johnson, IPQuest
"It Was Worth Traveling 60 Hours To Attend!"
Vijay Nyayapati Testimonial"Boot Camp was very inspiring and motivating! It makes a big difference attending the event in person to network and talk to other people with similar businesses. The event was wonderfully organized, and I can certainly say that it was worth traveling a total of 60 hours to attend the event. The time off work also gave me a chance to think about what I needed to do in my business. Hopefully, this is where I get off my butt and start to work harder and make my marketing work better, and not get bogged down by the technical stuff. Thank you again for putting on a great event!"

Vijay Nyayapati, Redbrick Technology Limited
"Every Time I Attend Boot Camp, I Come Back To My Company With Great Ideas And A Higher Intensity."
Konrad Martin Testimonial"Most professions have a place to go and learn how to better their offerings and services for their clients and to become more profitable. Technology Marketing Toolkit and Robin Robins provides all of this and much more at their Boot Camp. Better business techniques, marketing, accountability and more. Every time I attend Boot Camp, I come back to my company with great ideas and a higher intensity. So much so, that I brought my two business partners with me to this past year's Boot Camp to see what it was all about and each of them are showing interest in attending again. Thanks Robin!"

Konrad Martin, CPA, CEO, Tech Advisors Inc.
"I Grew 25% To One Million Dollars With Very Little
Sales Effort!"
Robert Benton Testimonial"Attending Boot Camp and implementing Robin's marketing gave my company the confidence to grow and provide the family-friendly atmosphere to bring in team members and customers who share my same philosophy. This year, implementing Robin's marketing, I grew 25% to one million dollars with very little sales effort. We have gone from three to ten team members and are on track for more growth next year. I increased my MRR from about $10k a month to $34k/month in just gaining the confidence in selling MRR and the tools Robin provides. Thank You Robin for an amazing event!"

Robert Benton, Network Technology Partners
"We Flew All The Way From Sydney, Australia, And It's Been Worth Every Penny"
Maria Padisetti Testimonial"Coming to Boot Camp is no small thing for us since we have to fly all the way from Sydney, Australia, to attend, but it's worth it because of the tremendous amount of value we get from the sessions, the networking, the tools and templates, and business-advancing strategies. For anyone out there struggling I would say this: please enroll in Boot Camp! You can actually pick up the phone and talk to her. I've actually called and cried on the phone, and she's listened to me for more than an hour, all the way from Sydney. So she's absolutely awesome. And she actually feels the pain. She's been there, done that, so that's how we connected, and I still feel quite close and very lucky to have Robin on our team."

Maria Padisetti, Digital Armour Corp.
"Definitely A Must-See Event"
Lauren Groff Testimonial"I'd strongly recommend attending Robin's Boot Camp because you'll be seriously missing out on some great information if you stay home. Not only will you learn marketing strategies specific to your business, but you'll learn valuable information on leadership, strategy, time management and more. This is definitely a must-see for any tech consulting firm."

Lauren Groff, Groff Networks
"I Was Blown Away"
Dan McCoy Testimonial"To be honest, I was a little skeptical about spending the money and time to come to this event; I just wasn't sure if it would be worth it. But after the first day – oh my goodness – all I can say is that I was absolutely blown away! The people I've met who have helped me are just priceless. Several folks came up to me and said, 'You know, I've been where you are right now and here's what we've done to overcome that.' Making those connections and having those people to talk to and learn from to avoid making mistakes…it's just priceless! Plus, Robin's program is the cheapest college tuition that you will ever get – it's literally an MBA in marketing without having to go to college for 4 years. I have learned so much about pricing, selling and delivering managed services that I can immediately implement and profit from – and there's no other way to say it, other than her Boot Camp and materials are simply fantastic!"

Dan McCoy, Micro Enterprises LLC.
"She Brings It All Together In One Place"
Jonathan Garber Testimonial"I would recommend Robin's Boot Camp to anyone who wants to be really successful in growing their managed services operation because she brings it all together in one place: the marketing, the business experts and your peers, all in one place working simultaneously to give you everything you need to move your business forward as quickly as possible. The marketing she's given us has enabled us to go from $0 to a steady half a million dollars in recurring business that we can depend on. But one of the most valuable things you will gain is the networking and meeting with other people who are running similar businesses and dealing with the same problems, questions and challenges we are. Robin's members and clients are very generous and will gladly share everything with you."

Jonathan Garber, Connections for Business
"It Has Given Me The Motivation And Inspiration I Need"
John Gerdes Testimonial"Attending the Boot Camp has been absolutely great. For me, the most important takeaway I'm learning is the importance of not working in my business, but working on the business, and basically removing myself from being the technician just under the desk to being the business owner who takes responsibility for managing the company, marketing the company, bringing in new clients. The second great thing about the Boot Camp has been the motivation that it brings watching the other guys who have very similar stories to my own up there onstage, talking about the successes they've had; it gives both motivation and inspiration that, 'Hey, it's possible. It could happen to me too.'"

John Gerdes, innovation5 technologies
"I Was Positively Glued To My Screen For 3 Days"
Beth Hill Testimonial"Last year I signed up for the virtual Boot Camp and was positively glued to my computer screen for 3 days – I was actually getting hyper-upset because I couldn't see all the action going in the background! So instantly at the end of last year's Boot Camp I signed up for this year's session – and without a doubt it's worth every penny I paid, especially this year since I'm attending live. The networking is GREAT and everybody's so willing to share and help each other; it's just an amazing experience. It's funny because I'm a marketing major and never learned this level of marketing in school!"

Beth Hill, TechSage Solutions
"The Networking And Sharing Of Best Practices
Can't Be Beat"
Bill Hogan Testimonial"I would recommend coming to the Boot Camp for a couple of reasons. One, it will change your outlook and bring a lot of excitement back into your business. We were really stuck in the mud before, having to create each marketing campaign on our own and moving at about 5 miles an hour. It's feeling like I've got a ton of bricks on my back and dragging things along. Now we've got energy, we've got excitement, and my clients are commenting on the fun we are having. We've got a lot of momentum now and business is actually FUN again. Two, you'll learn a LOT. The speakers are excellent and you'll leave with a renewed sense of confidence and direction. And finally, the networking and sharing of best practices can't be beat. You simply cannot find that anywhere else."

Bill Hogan, Partners Plus
"Don't Hesitate – Just Go For It!"
Sean Riggs Testimonial"I would just like to add that anybody who is hesitating should just go for it. It's more than a marketing program; it's almost a philosophy, if you will, a way of life, a way of thinking about your business that I've never experienced before. And the people that you're introduced to and the peers that become a part of your team will change things in a way and on a mental level for me that I haven't found anywhere else."

Sean Riggs, IT Definitive, LLC
"You Gave Me The Motivation To Tackle My Goals"
Matt Jurcich Testimonial"Not sure if it's because this is my third Boot Camp, but this year I am not nearly as overwhelmed with 'stuff to do' as compared to previous years. Not sure if it was because there was less stuff to buy that piles on the work or if the content was that much better (I think both), but I feel much more focused and ready to tackle the next goals. There seemed to be more information presented that was so beneficial to things I am working on that it has helped lighten my load overall. I would welcome more sessions like that in the future – beyond the always needed butt-kicking Robin gives us. Thanks again!"

Matt Jurcich, Invisik Corporation
"The Consistent, Quality Information You Provide Just Wows Me!"
Jim Krantz Testimonial"Thank you, Robin! After Boot Camp I found my strongest takeaway was how absolutely amazing you are. The content and the speakers were/are great, but when I think about what you consistently accomplish with a small staff, I am both awed and highly motivated... No Excuses, right. Thanks again!"

Jim Krantz, Krantz Secure Technologies
"What An Eye-Opening Experience – Just The Kick
I Needed!"
Nadine Frush Testimonial"Just wanted to thank you for the amazing marketing seminar that you and your folks put on in Nashville. For me it was an eye-opening event, and a rude awakening how I've let my husband's business slide into a small, complacent tech boutique. I'm now starting to 'clean house' from top to bottom and will be implementing many of your great marketing strategies. Again, thank you."

Nadine Frush, Computer Studios, Inc.
"Not Coming To Boot Camp Would Have Been
A Huge Mistake!"
David Rudduck Testimonial"I wanted to pass on my thanks to Robin and the whole TMT crew for running an awesome event. I very nearly didn't come due to challenges I am currently facing in my business (and my overseas travel), but I have absolutely no doubt I did the right thing. Being here and having the opportunity to talk to and share wisdom with successful entrepreneurs was worth more to me than anything. And considering the quality of the speakers, that says a lot!"

David Rudduck, Insane Technologies
"Thank You And Your Team For Another
Fabulous Boot Camp"
Sandra and Joe Stoll Testimonial"Hi, Robin! Joe and I would like to thank you and your team for another fabulous Boot Camp. Our fifth one. Each year we marvel at how much better each gets. We left last night after 2 1/2 days of our own post-Boot Camp where we banged out 4 great articles, a list of 67 action items to tackle, which will probably take a year to get through but is prioritized, with a new goal of Wow Factor under the client service delivery category. No, this isn't the first year we came out with a list. But an interesting thing happened. It's our longest list yet, but we had fun compiling it this time and we actually have a sense of total calm and confidence never previously achieved after your sessions. Two critical elements that were never there, and sabotaged our desire from going from good to great. Lots of Oprah aha moments. Lots of things said that seeped in over the sessions. Please tell Joe Polish that a couple of mild-mannered quiet Canadians were HIGHLY motivated by the inspirational words he uttered during his presentation. Take care, and thanks again!"

Sandra and Joe Stoll, Technical Action Group
"Robin Is An Extraordinary Leader..."
Dr. Nido Qubein Testimonial"Robin is an extraordinary leader who knows how to deliver phenomenal results for her clients."

Dr. Nido Qubein, President, High Point University
"Thanks For A Wonderful Experience..."
Sherri LeBlanc Testimonial"Thanks for a wonderful experience. I came into Boot Camp with kind of a worn-down demeanor and left feeling really awesome and reinvigorated. Thanks to Robin, Jeff and the rest of the team for the usual ace job of presenting a fantastic show for all of us."

Sherri LeBlanc, RKL & Associates
"The Speakers Were Riveting, The Topics
Larry Kahm Testimonial"I just wanted to thank everyone on Team Robin for a fantastic experience during the 2011 Boot Camp. I had signed up for the virtual session last year because my father's health was rapidly declining, and I couldn't make plans to be away from home. After he passed away, I attended the first couple of online sessions, but I didn't have my head in the game – everything at that time was clouded with grief. This year, I came to Nashville without any expectations, because I really didn't know what to expect. Well, the speakers were riveting, the topics thought-provoking, and the amount of work I am going to have to do to build my business has grown logarithmically. Nevertheless, this was an outstanding use of my time."

Larry Kahm, Heliotropic Systems, Inc.
"Boot Camp Was Amazing!"
Frank Bravata Testimonial"Boot Camp was amazing. Not to sound cliché but some of the speakers were life-changing. I met so many great people, learned so many new things. It truly will have a huge impact on my business. I joined the Producers Club as well and know that is going to be huge."

Frank Bravata, New Millennium Technology Services

Our Members Speak Out About The Importance Of Attending Boot Camp In Person

"I Travel From Australia: If You Want The Most Positive Change, Attending Boot Camp In Person Is A MUST"
Stephen Swavley"I travel from Australia and probably spend more in time and dollars to attend than almost anyone else. Why do I do it? To change my perspective. To think differently. When you are in your own environment, you get locked into a certain way of thinking that produces the same results. If you want to make the most POSITIVE change in your life, business and your income, then attending Boot Camp in person is a MUST."

Stephen Swavley, Navigatum
"If You Watch Virtually, You'll Miss SOOOO Much!"
Christopher Welty "I have watched virtually…once…when my wife was nine months' pregnant (yeah, I couldn't travel). If you watch virtually, you will miss SOOOO much! You tell yourself you're going to pay attention, but you won't. There are just too many distractions if you're in the office or at home.

You'll tell yourself you will go back and watch the sessions you missed, but you won't. The day-to-day grind will get in the way, and eventually all memory of the sessions that you were going to go back and watch will fade, and you'll be stuck on business as usual. So, in other words, you won't get the full value. Plus, you'll miss the opportunity to hang out with all the cool kids, like me. You'll miss out on GREAT ideas from 'hallway' conversations. Sometimes I've had major breakthroughs on an idea while sitting there in a session – and the one-on-one time with peers is priceless. Others have been where you are, and probably have the answer to current crushing problems. The face time with vendors is valuable as well, because, let's be honest, we all dodge their calls, so this is a great opportunity to learn about their solutions and how they can help deliver value to your clients. There are other things as well, but I have to cut this short; I'm sure a certain redhead would be admonishing me for writing e-mails instead of working on my marketing. Gasp!"

Christopher Welty, Aragonite
"The Offline Conversations Are Where The Magic Happens"
Leia Shilobod "The CONTENT is only one layer of value. The NETWORKING, the OFFLINE CONVERSATIONS, are where the magic happens. It's when you process your learning with a peer from another state. When you engage in a group discussion about best practices that solves a problem you've been wrestling with FOR-EV-ER. When you meet that dream vendor whose product will solve a big, hairy problem you've got. THAT'S why it's worth every penny to come IN PERSON!"

Leia Shilobod, InTech Solutions
"Get Your A** To Boot Camp!"
John Rutkowski "It's really simple: Get your a** to Boot Camp. You can't meet people or vendors online, and the mix and sharing of ideas is a big reason to go. Getting out of your office is an investment in yourself. Plus, if you attend virtually, you will be distracted and not absorb ¼ of what you get when you are there in person."

John Rutkowski, BOLDER Designs
"Take Away The Interaction With Your Peers, And The Experience At Boot Camp Is Only Half As Good"
J. Colin Petersen "Having attended both virtually and in person, here are the reasons I prefer to attend in person:

1. Robin. Live. In person. (Jeff, Rich and your team are also a big help to this effort.) Willing to help woodshop any asinine problem I might be having.
2. Much better food than you'd expect, and better than I'd cook for myself at home or at my desk. This includes dessert.
3. Serious time one-on-one between sessions with other MSPs – and offline get-togethers with my peers who are dealing with the same problems I am.
4. Opportunity for Q&A with presenters and speakers, especially those who have been very generous with their time post-presentation.
5. Time away from the grind of the business to focus on growing and executing.

Back in the day, before broadband, we used to do LAN parties to share knowledge and goodies. We'd all gather at some dude's house and leech files, music and apps from each other, or network together to play games. It was as much about the get-together as it was about the content. Take away the interaction with your peers over pizza and Dew, and it's only half as good – so yes, you should make every effort to attend LIVE in person."

J. Colin Petersen, Colin Computing Systems, Inc.
"You May Spend More Money Up Front... But It's Less Expensive In The Long Run"
Fred Sagester "It's like learning a new language. If you want to get a taste of how to do it, then study in a book or get an audio lesson; but if you really want to learn the language as quickly and efficiently as possible, then go visit the country that speaks it and immerse yourself in the learning (language) completely. You may spend more money up front for the travel and expenses, but in the long run it's much less expensive in time and money because you will learn and be able to do everything much quicker."

Fred Sagester, Sagester Associates Group
"It Gives Me The Needed Time To Truly Focus On My Business"
Karla Zehnder "Attending live is a must. I had to miss one event and attempted to watch virtually… It just wasn't the same. The meetings are invigorating and the time I get to spend with the rest of the members to ask questions and interact is invaluable. I also use the PC meetings (of which Boot Camp is one) as the basis for my quarterly plans. By the time I leave a meeting, I have at least a rough outline of next quarter's marketing plan. The time away from my office gives me the needed time to truly focus on my business."

Karla Zehnder, Hodgson Consulting & Solutions
"Must-Attend Event If You're Serious About Your IT Business"
Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks LLC "Boot Camp is really a BIG, Annual Kick In The A%%! I've come for years, and it's always been exciting and rejuvenating. Everything you need as an MSP is available in one place: your peers, great vendors, other like-minded individuals, industry experts, marketers and really smart business professionals. You get a chance to explore new opportunities, speak to leading vendors in the industry and learn new and helpful business strategies. If you are serious about your business and want sane, sustainable growth in your IT business, you need to make it to Robin's IT Sales and Marketing Boot Camp."

Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks
"I Was Terrified To Attend... 5 Years Later, I Can Relate My Personal Growth Directly Back To Boot Camp"
Scott Beck "I was terrified of that first Boot Camp I attended five years ago; now I wouldn't miss it for the world! As a one-man shop, I wasn't sure I could survive being away from the office, much less being in a different country with no quick or easy way to get back if there was a problem (we're based in Canada)! It was a scary thought I struggled with for weeks before deciding to take a leap of faith and attend. I knew what I had been doing wasn't helping grow the business, and something needed to change.

The learning experience from the stage was inspiring. Listening to other IT owners and learning from their triumphs and mistakes was invaluable. Being able to directly speak to world-class vendors and have my questions answered in real time was very helpful. And the experience of being in Nashville – second to none. The sights, sounds and smells of being downtown were exhilarating! Interestingly, the world didn't end with me out of the office. I didn't lose clients, and it actually led to stronger relationships with them as I brought my Boot Camp experience and new knowledge back to my client base. I can directly relate my personal growth as a business owner, my company and my profitability directly back to my first Boot Camp as the launching pad to success. 5 years later, I'm no longer a one-man band just getting by. There are now four of us in the company full-time, revenues have increased over four times and profitability is up more than 200%. Seeing is believing – you've got to experience Boot Camp live to get the full benefits."

Scott Beck, BeckTek Canada
"Is It Worth 3 Days And A Couple Thousand Bucks? You're Damned Right It Is!"
Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt "To be honest, you can get the material from the virtual seminar…every word is available for you. So if you are looking to just listen to the material, take it away and figure out the best way to implement, virtual will be perfect. BUT – if you want to learn and not just listen, execute and not just take away, truly understand the results and not just expect results, then you need to attend IN PERSON. Most everyone you'll meet at Boot Camp has tried and tested Robin's strategies. Some have found success, AND some failed and learned. That's invaluable advice you'll miss if you stay at home. So you have to be there in person to make connections, build synergies and truly learn how to implement better sales and marketing in your business. Isn't that worth three days and a couple thousand bucks???? You're damned right it is!"

Sejal Lakhani-Bhatt, TechWerxe
"Meeting With Other Success-Minded People From A Different Area Will Give You A Perspective You Never Thought Of"
Raquel Chappell "I have attended both virtually and in person, so I can tell you the difference. For starters, the only reason I didn't come in person at first is because we had not fully drunk the REDHEAD Kool-Aid (that was our own internal hang-up). After watching virtually, we were fired up – but that was nothing compared to being there IN PERSON! If you believe you are too important to leave your office to grow your business, you will never grow because you have no capacity. Second, when you are on virtually, it is too easy to get distracted. To answer your phone, talk to people, walk away and just not focus. It's TOO easy to continue to fix client issues instead of letting your team handle it – but that's the behavior that will keep you small. When you come to Boot Camp in person, you get valuable one-on-one time with your peers who have been where you are, have faced the same issues you have faced and can tell you, 'Yes, it is okay to fire the PITA client…you won't die.' Or, 'Yes, you really can (and probably should) fire that tech for not doing their job.' You will feel better for doing it and have the CONFIDENCE to move forward with tough decisions like these.

Further, meeting with other success-minded people from a different area will give you a perspective you never thought of. I truly believe this is a great time to step away from the office and really get rejuvenated. Sometimes you get stuck in the everyday life and if you get to unplug and learn something at the same time, without the constant questions and issues that come up at work daily, it helps all involved. Not sure if you guys can understand, but any mom, no matter how much she loves her children, will get really tired of the 'Mom…Mom…MOM!' noise of every day, so Boot Camp is a much-needed break!!!' You also miss the food, drinks and friends if you don't go, but that is just the icing on the top. Learning that you are not alone in your boat is priceless. So get out of the old way of thinking of black-and-white TV and come see the REDHEAD in high-def color!"

Raquel Chappell, Divergys
"Being Able To Pick The Brains Of People Who Do What You Do And Face The Same Challenges Is PRICELESS!"
Kristy Kerns "Actually being there allows you to be more focused on the great content and growing your business, and not as easily distracted by other things. Being able to go to dinner and pick the brains of people who do exactly what you do, and face the same challenges that you do, is priceless. Virtual is better than not at all, but attending Boot Camp in person gives you the most benefit. Besides, we all need to get out of working in the business, step back and be able to work ON the business!"

Kristy Kerns, SmartPath Technologies
"You Can Learn As Much At Breakfast As You Do In The Main Sessions!"
Pam Snell "You can learn as much (if not MORE!) at breakfast and lunch talking to your peers as you do at the scheduled courses! The time spent communing with fellow business owners who have the same problems and who have already found the answers is invaluable! We'll DEFINITELY keep coming in person!"

Pam Snell, ACTSmart IT
"I Cannot Ascribe Enough Value To Being In A Room Full Of Your Peers"
Dan Hernandez "Having attended Boot Camp multiple times, I can safely say that any virtual experience cannot compare to attending in person. There is no way to capture the sort energy and camaraderie you feel when you're there by watching it happen on a screen. In person, you are free to work without any distractions from your office, to focus totally on growing your business! I cannot ascribe enough value to being in a room full of your peers, being able to discuss and share your ideas with people like you. There is no substitute for the real thing."

Dan Hernandez, Professional Computer Support
"Being There In Person Is MUCH More Valuable"
Michael Rudnick "Having watched one of Robin's events virtually, I can say that being there is MUCH more valuable because it immerses you in the experience. You get a chance to focus on marketing for a few days, rather than it being in heavy competition with all the problems that may occur in the office day-to-day. The side conversations with your peers, the vendors, Robin and her team and the speakers are also extremely helpful. The vendor discussions can be beneficial as well! If marketing is important, you want to get your rear end down to Nashville."

Michael Rudnick, RCC Support
"I Attended My First Boot Camp Virtually. Here's What I Missed..."
Bryce Matsuoka 1. Time. It's impossible to fully commit and focus on the content you're getting at Boot Camp when watching virtually. There are just too many distractions from connecting, and you'll miss sessions due to other tasks in your office that you give precedence.

2. Meeting people (your peers). This is really important – not just my fellow Producers Club members, but others who can help you or who YOU can help. You'll meet people during meals that you would never have an opportunity to anywhere else.
3. Learning. There are some great vendor solutions that can help you serve your clients better, and I am not a booth stalker!
4. Saturday. You're NOT going to virtually connect on Saturday, and there's usually really good content on that day.
5. The food. More Nashville hot chicken, please!

Honestly, attending virtually is not a bad way to go if you just cannot get there. Yes, there is a downside to travel, especially for those of us with a 4.5-hour flight from the West Coast, plus hotel costs – BUT you get more out of it in person for sure, so we make the investment to come. Having said all that – the #1 reason I go to Boot Camp is the chance to meet with my accountability group – to talk about and share war stories, solutions to problems and to figure out ways to improve."

Bryce Matsuoka, Above Cloud
"The Peer And Vendor Interaction Is Extremely Valuable, And Cannot Be Duplicated If You Are Not There"
Bob Michie "Watching remotely takes WAY to much discipline to stay focused. Office interruptions and e-mail are too tempting a distraction. You need to make the commitment to get out of the office and work on your business. You may have intentions of going back and watching the session afterwards but that will not happen, and other shiny objects will pop up. The peer and vendor interaction is extremely valuable, and cannot be duplicated if you are not there. Having a drink at home is not the same as at the hotel bar with the group, where you can learn something and have a laugh. We have made vendor connections that have helped us close more deals at higher margins, ultimately more than covering the time and expense. Actually, this is not an expense – it's an investment in you and your company."

Bob Michie, MetroMSP
"The Travel Expenses Are A Small Price To Pay For The Value You Get"
Frank Ballatore "If you're trying to decide whether to attend Robin's Boot Camp in person or virtually, I'll tell you that the difference is night and day. You'll get value out of attending virtually, but not nearly the value you'll get by attending in person. The peer interactions, meeting others, the on-site events you don't see on camera when attending virtually are worth the price of admission. In my eight years as a Producer's Club member, I've attended Robin's meetings both in person and virtually, but I've always attended Boot Camp in person – it's not to be missed! Invariably, when you attend virtually, because you're in your office, you're distracted (SQUIRREL!!) and can't focus the way you do in person. The travel expenses are a small price to pay for the value you'll get by being there in person."

Frank Ballatore, The New England Computer Group, Inc.
"I Always Come Back With Double The Insights Because I'm Able To Discuss What I Learn With My Peers"
Christi Thompson "Boot Camp is a great opportunity to brainstorm with your fellow peers. At these events, I always come back with double the insights and information because I get to discuss the session content with other fellow IT marketers, and they elaborate on ideas Robin and the other speakers have. You get to ask more questions. During breaks, you can ask Robin, Jeff or Rich additional questions you have about marketing, which is invaluable. Also, the vendors are great. This gives you the opportunity to find new products for your company and clients, which is important for always staying relevant. Plus, you can get with your current vendors about the new things they have going on, which is MUCH easier to do in person than over the phone."

Christi Thompson, BIS
"I Made The Common Mistake Of Thinking I Would "Save Money" Attending Virtually"
David Carattini "Fortunately, my accountability group peers made it a requirement to attend 75% of the meetings. After two consecutive meetings, I was convinced that attending in person is way more valuable than virtually. Here's why: attending virtually, my mind was not 100% focused on the content. I didn't get as much and often missed whole segments because I got busy. Attending in person allows you to meet and converse with your peers, and the information and knowledge gained is of HUGE value. Where else can you bounce a question off such high-powered people? NOT in the chat attending virtually! Getting out of the office also allows me to think more clearly about the important, high-dollar-value items I need to do to grow the business. So just come! Your future (more successful) self will thank you for it!"

David Carattini, Arizona Tech Works, Inc.
"I'm A ONE-MAN MSP, And I've Only Missed Attending Boot Camp In Person Once Since 2009"
Fred Holzsager "The annual Boot Camp is an event not to be missed. Look, I am a ONE-MAN MSP and have been attending it regularly since 2009 (only missed it once for my son's college graduation). I have found it to be the most valuable event I attend all year (I also belong to ASCII and a number of other organizations). The opportunity to participate with the speakers, engage in networking with your peers and speak face-to-face with the vendors is too important to pass on. Even though I am a member of the Producers' Club, I find that coming down to Nashville enhances the benefit twelvefold. Get someone to cover for you while you are down there, do what you can to make it; otherwise, attending virtually will be a letdown. Remember how well you focus when you are immersed in an exercise in a live class, then think how much less you retain and benefit when you take a class online – it's simply not the same and cannot compare. Do yourself a favor and take the extra effort to make arrangements for your visit to be present at Boot Camp. Once you attend, you will wonder how you could have considered just attending virtually. See you there!"

Fred Holzsager, Holzsager Technology Services
"Only Half The Benefits Of Boot Camp Come From The Stage"
Paul Nebb "Only half of the benefits of Boot Camp come from the stage and can be experienced virtually. The biggest value comes from peer interactions during workshop sessions, at breakfast, over meals, etc. I've made some of my best friends by attending Robin's events in person. Besides, attending in person helps you to focus more on the event during speaker sessions, and you won't have distractions to do other things."

Paul Nebb, Titan Technologies, LLC

April 8th – 11th, 2020
The Omni Hotel
250 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

The Omni Hotel
"Boot Camp Is A Staple For Me To Come Every Year To Recharge"
Terry Cole, Cole Informatics
"Amazing Content And Awesome Networking To Talk With Other Business Owners"
Jeff Auerbach, EMR Group
"Every Session Gave Us Ideas To Help Improve Our Marketing And Sales"
Marie-Josee Galarneau, ARS (Quebec)
"Fantastic! Sharing Of Knowledge And Best Practices Like
No Other Place"
Peter Verlezza, SMB Networks
"Boot Camp Is Simply
A 'Must Do' Event"
Jeff Brodie, Codefusion Communications
"Great Time, Lots Of Content And Phenomenal Speakers"
Dan McCoy, Micro Enterprises LLC
"Robin Talks About A Lot Of High-Level Strategies That Move You From Putting Out Fires To Growing Your Business"
Jason Williams, Owia Technology
"Boot Camp Is Where
It All Clicked"
Tom Lambotte, GlobalMacIT"I'm so glad that I found Boot Camp. It was such a splurge for me the first time that I attended. The Boot Camp allowed me to dust off the Managed Services Blueprint that I hadn't really put in place and Boot Camp is where it all clicked and I finally got it."
Tom Lambotte, GlobalMac IT
"The Vendors You Bring To Us Alone Are Worth It"
Ikram Massabini, MVP Networks"Being at Boot Camp with all of the vendors that you bring in alone is worth it. You get to see new technologies and different vendors all at once. You can step outside the box and talk with others in your industry. I don't get to talk this way to others in my area that I consider competition. It makes a big difference. Invest the money, because you're investing in yourself!"
Ikram Massabini, MVP Networks
"Made Me Realize That I Don't Have To Reinvent The Wheel To Increase Sales"
Howard Globus, IT On Demand"I did my first Boot Camp as a virtual attendee when it came to me as a bonus from one of my vendors. After watching that event I decided I needed to be in the room to see it live. You get to see and hear the speakers and meet vendors. But even more importantly, you get to meet and speak with SO MANY different people who are all over the country (and the world) and you get to hear their ideas and challenges and you get some good advice and ideas and then, finally, you realize that you're not alone and don't have to reinvent the wheel each and every time you want to try and make a sale."
Howard Globus, IT On Demand
"The Money We Spent To Get Here Is Insignificant Compared To The Value"
Patrick Fisher"Robin's Boot Camp is absolutely phenomenal, and from a price-point perspective the tuition is actually free when you compare it to what you get. The money spent here is insignificant compared to the value, information and takeaways we've received. Any IT business owner wanting to grow their business needs to attend – and that goes double in a tough economy, dealing with clients who don't want to spend any money on IT. That's why this conference has been so terrific. I mean, the marketing campaigns, the new ideas, networking with our peers and the speakers and content are definitely a must-see."
Patrick Fisher, The Vericom Group
"If You Feel Lost, Then You NEED To Be Here"
"This is my third conference with Robin and the sessions just keep getting better! What I've gained from coming to these conferences is not only giving me a chance to step away from my company and think about marketing, which I have not done for 21 years, but another benefit I didn't even expect – that is the ability to hang out and talk to all my peers – guys that have the same issues and problems and are trying to do the same thing I'm doing – and sharing what's working. Robin really attracts a good crowd; there's a level of transparency, honesty and support that I just never had any idea I'd be getting. The way that technology is changing and evolving and where it's going, it's giving me a clear vision of where I need to take my company to go forward. If you feel like a lost fish when it comes to marketing or growing your IT business, you need to be here. Not only will you get clarity on how to solve your biggest problems, but you'll learn some fresh, new and exciting ways to grow and market your business. For me, this lifted a lot of pressure and stress I had and cleared up a lot of confusion for me."
Richard Criste, Graymar Business Solutions