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The Countdown Is On for the 2018
IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp!

2018 Boot Camp Sponsors

Want To Engage With Over 850 Decisive, High-Quality IT Services Business Owners Who Are Looking For Your Services?

There is no industry conference that matches the caliber, content or value available in the 4 days of the IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp. No boring speakers or subjects at this event; everything is staged to educate, motivate and equip IT business owners to make 2018 their best year ever and continue to grow their business.

Partnering with Technology Marketing Toolkit for the 2018 IT Sales And Marketing Boot Camp extends the opportunity for your company to connect with – and sell to – a targeted audience of over 850 IT business owners who are willing to invest their time and money to attend and learn how to grow their business.

Why Sponsor Our Event?

What Our Sponsors Are Saying

"Within Robin's Group Alone, We've Seen About 400% Growth In The Last 2 Years"
Rob Rae"We spend the time and the money that we do in sponsoring Robin's programs and events because we found that the partners who come from Robin are more successful than those who don't and are growing faster than your average MSP. We have seen a significant growth in the number of partners we have been able to recruit from Robin's group, and the success with those actual partners has been phenomenal. Through her events alone, we've seen about a 400% growth in the last two years in the number of customers we've been able to acquire, and a number of MSPs have become partners; and those partners who are trained on marketing by Robin deliver a 200% higher sales rate than our 'average' partner acquired somewhere else. So if you're a vendor and you're actually interested in looking at a place to spend your money, you can't go wrong by sponsoring one of Robin's events. It's been one of our highest ROIs, often paying for itself in new partners and contracts before I leave the event."

Rob Rae, Datto
"I Love Sponsoring Robin's Events Because They Are Well-Run, High-Energy Events Packed With Quality Prospects, And It's The Highest ROI Of Any Group That eFolder Partners With"
Jan Spring"Robin's events are consistently bringing new leads to our booth and creating new opportunities for the sponsors. The people who attend Robin's events form a wonderful community, and eFolder wouldn't miss these shows for the world. Within 60 days of sponsoring her events, we expect about 100 new eFolder partners. These shows provide us with the highest ROI of any group that eFolder partners with. If you're a vendor looking for new, qualified leads in the IT industry, Robin's events are a must."

Jan Spring, eFolder
"A Wonderful Opportunity For Microsoft!"
Abby Woodington"Our sponsorship at the Robin Robins event generated the most qualified leads of the year! It's a true miracle to be able to meet all of the marketing decision makers of IT companies in the SMB space. Robin made it a priority to get attendees to engage with us. It was a wonderful opportunity for Microsoft!"

Abby Woodington, Microsoft Community Connections Partner Team Marketing Manager
"We Sign Up A Lot Of People At Our Booth Because They Can See All The Products, See Us And Get The Face-To-Face Interaction"
Salim Usiff"We've been coming to the Boot Camp events as well as the Producer's Club events and really enjoy it. We get to meet with a lot of our clients, new clients and existing clients, the CEOs and owners, which is fantastic. We sign up a lot of people at our booth because they can see all the products, see us and get the face-to-face interaction. We've done a lot more than just sponsoring the booth as well – bags and a few other things, and had great success with that."

Salim Usiff, Aisle8
"Boot Camp Is One Of The Best Events That We Do During The Year"
Brett Jaffe"I think what really sets it apart is the face time that we have with the partners at Robin's event. We don't have designated booth time, but rather get to interface with people throughout the day, starting with breakfast, all the way through drinks and events at night. The quality of the leads we get has been outstanding. Everyone comes here really ready to learn, ready to focus and ready to succeed with the business, and make our jobs a lot easier when they come on board, and with a little bit of help from the marketing and sales engine."

Brett Jaffe, OS33
"Over 150 Engaged Attendees Who Provided Us Not Only Quantitative Leads, But Quality Leads; They're All Very Engaged"
Giuseppe Fornaro"We have a special niche for an IT MSP solution and we have to say that this is probably the best conference that we have ever gone to for this key vertical. We talked to over 150 engaged attendees who provided us not only quantitative leads, but quality leads. They're all very engaged. They want to hear from you. They're coming around. They actually care about what the business is providing, so although we had to pay to be here, it's definitely worth its return on investment in that the attendees are all engaged and actively looking for what we're providing."

Giuseppe Fornaro, SmartBooks
"We've Never Had A Bad Show With Robin And Our ROI Is Always Astounding"
Mark Winter"Robin Robins' events are our favorite events time and time again. The quality of the leads here is terrific and the people that Robin puts us in front of are precisely the kind of people we want to partner with. The attendees at Robin's events are extremely serious about growing their business and invest copious amounts of time and energy to be here. Technology Marketing Toolkit events are designed to let the attendees meet and speak with the sponsors, and many spend quite a bit of time talking with us and about us. This group is a great referral source. We've never had a bad show with Robin and our ROI is always astounding. Since starting with Robin, we've grown to almost triple our original size."

Mark Winter, RapidFire Tools
"Can't Wait To Come Back Next Year"
Jacqui Murphy"The quality of the partners here at the Robin Robins Boot Camp is great, and the response to Auvik's network infrastructure RMM has been amazing. We've been having so many excellent conversations and can't wait to come back next year."

Jacqui Murphy, Auvik

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What Our Sponsors Are Saying About Boot Camp

Ted Roller, Mailprotector
Tammy Almeter, Desktops2Go
Jay Ryerse, CARVIR
Clint Arthur, Status Factory
Dave Goldie, IT Glue
Patrick Felicetta, Secure Now!
Cam Roberson, BeachHead Solutions
Rich Pekmezian, Tetherview
AJ Singh, NinjaRMM
Danny Hawman, Infusionsoft
Gary Owen, Webroot Software, Inc
Erin Shaw Crowley, Intronis
Austin Lindsey, Ruby Receptionists
Robyn Philips, AppRiver