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Managed Services Marketing Blueprint

A Complete "Marketing Department In A Box" Chock Full Of Templates, Campaigns, Reports, Articles And How-To Guides For Selling Managed Cyber Security Solutions, Backup And Threat Assessments

  • A COMPLETE 12-Month Marketing Plan
    This plan will take all the guesswork out of marketing by mapping out EXACTLY what campaigns to send and WHEN…and all the templates are INCLUDED; from lead generation to campaigns and offers, educational reports and templates, e-mail campaigns, PowerPoint presentations and campaigns to get current clients to cheerfully pay more for an UPGRADED managed services campaign.
  • A “Rapid Response” Marketing Kit For The Next “WannaCry” Outbreak
    We’ll give you a plan (along with fill-in-the-blank templates) for talking to your clients, prospects, media and community about the attack to further your position as the “go-to” expert for IT services and security, convert stubborn clients to finally take your advice on security and backups, reassure GOOD clients that you’ve got them protected AND provide help to those who fall victim.
  • A PROVEN Prospecting Campaign That Will Have Qualified Prospects CALLING YOU
    I’ve created what I believe to be my most powerful client-attraction marketing campaign to date, based on 15 years of research and in-the-trenches testing with MSP and IT services clients. During this workshop, I’ll give you the exact blueprint for implementing it, along with a series of fill-in-the-blank templates to send, a campaign calendar that will show you exactly what to send, when to send it and WHO to send it to so you can maximize your return and response.
  • A Webinar/Seminar-In-A-Box That Brings New Clients In With Minimal Work
    If you don’t have a big sales team (or list), THIS campaign is an absolute gold mine. We’ll give you a proven formula for getting people to register for your webinar or seminar, attend and BUY. We’ll even give you a fill-in-the-blank PowerPoint template with all the notes and talking points DONE FOR YOU. We’ll also show you how to get OTHER PEOPLE TO FILL YOUR SEMINAR ROOM so all you have to do is show up and talk for an hour to get more clients. This is akin to referrals on steroids and will be the easiest, most powerful position campaign you’ve ever implemented in your entire life.
  • A 12-Month Drip Campaign That Prospects Will LOVE To Receive
    Not all prospects will be ready to buy right away – so you need a way to stay in touch that will not only position you as a trusted advisor and cybersecurity expert, but also be ENJOYABLE for them to receive. That way, when they are ready to buy, they go directly to YOU. At the event we’ll give you a fantastic drip sequence that your prospects will open, read and forward on to employees, colleagues and friends.
  • A Letter To Send To Your Current Managed Clients That Will Get Them To Cheerfully Pay MORE For Upgraded Managed Services
    One of the biggest challenges we hear from MSPs is this: “When I go back to my managed clients and tell them they need to pay MORE per month for upgraded security and backup solutions, they get grumpy and complain, ‘I thought you were already doing this for us! Why should I pay more?!?!?!’” To solve this, I’ll give you a letter you can send to clients that will explain why and get them to happily pay for an upgraded solution – in fact, they THANK you for upgrading their services!
  • A Video Recording Of The 2017 Cyber Security Fall Roadshow
    This event was MASSIVELY popular with close to 1,000 MSPs and MSSPs in attendance. While there was a hefty dose of marketing, there were SEVERAL sessions on packaging, pricing and delivering managed cyber security solutions, along with NEW vendor presentations that the audience gave “two-thumbs up” to.
  • LIVE Coaching Sessions And Q&A Calls With Robin
    Starting in February, Robin will deliver a series of BRAND NEW webinar sessions and LIVE calls to work directly with you to implement. You’ll get all your questions answered about both marketing AND vendors, delivery, pricing and more.

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